Sunday, 23 Jan 2022

How to Style Your Durag

Durags are unique headgears that can’t quite be classified as scarves or caps. From simply being accessories to acting as a wave cap in different hairstyles. Durags have become a large part of modern-day fashion styles. However, finding ways to style a durag can be tricky. They come in different styles and patterns, and deciding what to pair them with isn’t easy, especially if this is your first one.

Best Ways to Style Your Durag

You can style your durag in many ways. It could depend on your hairstyle, the outfit you have on, your durag color, or even the weather. When styling your durag, the most important part is wearing it in a way that you’re comfortable with. Some cool ways you can style your durag include :

  • Wearing your durag with a hoodie

When pairing durags with hoodies, dull-colored patterns can be paired with bright hoodies. Brown patterned Gucci designs would fit with cream or light pink hoodie jackets.

  • Black on Black

If you’re going for a dark theme or a gothic feel, you can pair black hoodies with dark-colored suits paired with a turtleneck or a round neck instead of your average button-down.

  • With Beach Wear

When going on a trip to the beach, durags can be paired with sundresses, shorts, and a tee, a swimsuit, or even a long skirt and camisole.

  • Casual Wear

When going on a casual outing or just sitting at home, durags are known for their ability to act as a protective cover for natural hair, as well as a good way to retain waves in the hair. These durags can be worn with Pajamas, T-shirts, and just about any comfortable clothing you wear at home.

They can be paired with casual wear and tied on different styles to add variety.

The way durags are styled can also depend on the hairdo you have on. This affects how the durag is tied, either with the sash in front, at the sides, or to the back.

5 Unique Durag Designs

Durags are made from silk or satin materials, they come in different lengths, patterns, and colors. The more unique durags come in various color like :

  • Neon colors
  • Designer patterns
  • Camo
  • Velvet
  • Floral prints

Depending on your personal preferences, you can buy or even make a durag in any pattern you like. But, something to note is that designer durags aren’t manufactured by luxury brands, they just have patterns that are associated with these brands.

Why Wear a Durag?

Durags make good protective covers for natural hair, they help you avoid hair breakage and help with moisture retention (for silk and satin durags). They also make a more comfortable alternative to large hair bonnets.

Also, durags retain waves in hair and even make new ones for short hair. They can be used to lay edges when you have braids done or you’re using gel in your hair.

Durags come with many amazing benefits and so many different styles worth exploring. They’re a fun option for when you want to do something simple and stylish with your hair.