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If You Need to wa Watches, Which Brands Would be a Good Choice? 

Watches are not just a wrist decoration.  They can serve many different types of purposes including being a tool, an heirloom, or an investment.  Few people think of this when they look at the watches they own.  You may have purchased a watch specifically for its functionality, possibly to help you with a special hobby.  Another cherished watch may have been given to you by a grandparent in hopes that you would keep it forever.  No matter how you came by your watches they can be a source of collateral if you need to pawn watches.   

Just like any other fine instrument, a watch that is properly cleaned and maintained can retain a higher value for a longer period of time.  Always be sure to regularly clean joints and clasps and check whether they still function properly.  Repair any broken parts.  A clean, polished wrist band and a well-functioning clasp can mean a serious difference when a watch is being evaluated.  Watches, especially precision timepieces, are handcrafted.  This means they will require adjustments through the years to keep them running correctly.  Be sure to “tune up” your watch every 3 to 5 years at a certified jeweler to keep it in perfect running order. 

At Arizona Jewelry and Loan we can turn your watches into cash when needed.  We understand that you may have never thought you would want or need to get a collateral loan.  We are discreet and handle your watches as though they were our own precious timepieces.  They will be carefully stored until you have repaid your loan then returned to you with the utmost of care. 

Various brands of watches to pawn 

There are multiple fine brands of watches available in the United States and worldwide.  Here we will discuss only a few to give you an idea of what we are talking about.  Arizona Jewelry and Loan staff will gladly look at any watch you have and tell you what size of a collateral loan you can get with it.  Appraisals are free and we will never pressure you to pawn or sell.   

Franck Muller was raised in Switzerland.  His family felt that both creativity and discipline were important so he has brought both to his chosen work.  In the beginning he started his business by restoring complex watches for collectors and auction houses.  Over the years his work gravitated towards more and more intricate and unique timepieces.    

The Franck Muller brand has quickly revolutionized the watchmaking world.  Though the company has only been in existence for a little over 20 years it has already acquired 50 patents.  His company’s watches are routinely worn by Sir Elton John and Demi Moore.  Because of their intricacy Frank Muller watches have a large number of moving parts and if one is off only a tiny amount the entire watch will suffer.  This means that keeping these watches “tuned up” is very important. 

Breitling watches are for land, air, sea, and beyond.  Breitling’s technical watches are well known across the world.  They are considered one of the prime developers of the wrist chronograph.  They are the only major watch brand to feature chronometer-certified movements on every watch produced.   

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Breitling was also founded in Switzerland, in 1884.  Overall their watches fit into one of three categories:  aviation, luxury, or diving.  The first version of the Breitling Emergency Navitimer, their aviation watch, contained a radio transmitter that could broadcast a distress beacon.  This served as a backup for pilots.   

In 2013 Breitling upgraded their aviation watch so that the emergency beacon is transmitted on a frequency that is monitored by today’s satellites.  Breitling watches have been seen on the wrists of James Bond, Buss Aldrin, and Wayne Gretzky.   

In 1875 Jules Louis Audemars joined forces with Edward Auguste Piguet to develop and craft watches of exceptional, complex mechanisms.  Once again Switzerland produced a watch company as the Audemars Piguet brand was born.  It continues strong to this day.  The company remains privately held which gives them the ability to follow their own distinctive visions.   

As they have focused on innovation the company has introduced some of the smallest and most unique watch parts made.  Currently the company can produce about 26,000 timepieces each year.  Ian Poulter, Lebron James and Michael Schumacher are just a few of the people who prefer this brand of watch.  The Audemars Piguet Foundation sponsors personalities and athletes as well as working with the Clinton Foundation on global issues.   

Cartier focuses on both jewelry and watch making.  They are an internationally recognized brand favored by royalty and film stars.  Cartier is known for combining jewelry and watch making as they produce some of the most bejeweled selections in watches for women. 

Louis-Francois Cartier founded Cartier in Paris in 1847.  His sons are responsible for taking the brand worldwide.  Cartier is credited with producing the first practical wristwatch, the Santos, in 1904.  Cartier watches are held to an extremely high standard.  The handcrafted watches are precisely assembled and are an embodiment of quality.   

Louis-Ulysse Chopard was the son of a farmer who encouraged all of his sons to learn the watchmaking trade.  He started his company in Switzerland in 1860 at the young age of 24.  Chopard watches are known for a combination of form and function.  Chopard himself made trips throughout Europe, Scandinavia, and Russia in order to expand his brand internationally.  Today the company is involved in many areas outside of watch manufacturing including charitable foundations and sports events.  

Omega is another Swiss brand of watch founded by someone in their 20’s.  At 23 years of age Louis Brandt started the business that would later become Omega Watches.  Omega was chosen as the official timepieces of the British Royal Flying Corps as well as the American Army’s combat units during World War I.  More recently Omega has been chosen as the official NASA timepiece for astronauts.  The first watch on the moon was the Omega Speedmaster Chronograph worn by Buzz Aldrin.  In the mid-90’s Pierce Brosnan’s James Bond switched from a Rolex Submariner to an Omega Seamaster.  Through Omega’s ability to be innovative, meeting every challenge head on, their history has been long and exciting and their future looks bright. 

In 1882 Edouard Heuer patented his first chronograph watch.  Throughout the late 1800’s Heuer patented many parts of his timepieces including the oscillating pinion.  This movement remains in use to this day by major watch producers who make the mechanical chronograph watches and clocks.  In 1985 the Heuer brand was purchased by the TAG Group and became the brand we know today:  TAG Heuer.    

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Currently TAG Heuer is the 4th largest luxury watch brand.  They continue to push the boundaries of watchmaking technology.   

Baume & Mercier’s story begins in 1830 when 2 brothers, Louis-Victor and Celestin Baume opened a watch shop in Switzerland.  As the company developed they became known for incorporating cutting-edge innovations.  Their motto is “Accept only perfection, only manufacture watches of the highest quality.”  One can see how living by this motto has led to a long lived history of exceptional watch making.   

In the early 1920’s William Baume joined with Paul Mercier to create the company we know today.  They became known for their special shaped wrist watches (this means any shape other than round).  In the 1940’s Baume & Mercier were instrumental in making women’s watches an important fashion statement.  They launched multiple elegant models that were both beautiful and functional.  The women’s watch was no longer merely a miniaturized and simplified version of men’s watches.  In the 1970’s this company took the idea of different shaped watch faces to a new level including a triangular watch.  Baume & Mercier continues to strive today to make the best and most interesting watches. 

Rolex seems to be synonymous with luxury watches in the United States.  In 1931 the company invented the first self-winding watch mechanism.  Rolex was originally famous for designing watches that could withstand punishing climates, risky mountain heights, and unfathomable sea depths.  Rolex watches are made for activity and long-term durability while retaining their excellent precision.   The Rolex ceramic bezel is incredibly corrosion resistant and the steel cases used to house their watches are made of a super alloy that remains easily polished while still withstanding significant wear and tear. 

Worldwide appreciation of the precision craftsmanship that goes into every Rolex watch has led to a market for their watches that rarely drops in value.  Despite producing more than 800,000 watches per year, Rolex remains one of the most often counterfeited luxury products in the world.  This means that both buyer and seller must beware of getting an imitation.  Be sure that if you intend to pawn watches, any Rolex watches in your stash are the real thing. 

Other preferred brands of watches include Ball, Bremont, Cyma, Girard-Perregaux, Hamilton, and IWC.  Tudor, Patek Philippe, Panerai, Bell & Ross, and Corum are also considered excellent watch brands.  Even if you do not find one of these many different, excellent watch brands in your jewelry case or drawer you may still have watches that are of good value if you choose to pawn watches.  Bring the watches to Arizona Jewelry and Loan in Scottsdale where our staff will carefully assess your timepieces.