Thursday, 20 Jan 2022

Kill Depression With Shopping: Nancy Quill

Modern world is a big mechanic world where mental connections are so rare. And materialistic pursuit and fake laugh and concern are drooping from everywhere. Nancy Quill, the famous model and Social media influencer shared about her life experience and came up with a simple solution in her couple of last tweets. It does not take much time to notice Nancy’s huge pair of surgical boobs and according to her, it made her the centre of attention since the last decade.

Many people often come and ask her about her opinion on surgical boobs and what suggestions she has for a woman who wants surgical boobs. Everyone craves attention and Nancy does not really see it as a bad omen to use sexuality in order to get attention since society has been selling them as sex items since the last few centuries. The attention comes with a few side effects though and very often they are much worse than anyone can ever predict. People stop seeing women with big boobs as the person they truly are and start objectifying them only as sex items which leads towards depression and under confidence. Nancy’s solution for this, although not ground-breaking, but really effective for shopping!

How can shopping boost one’s metal health?

As we all had studied in life science, Dopamine is known as the rewarding hormone. So to say, it is a hormone that provides us conformity in our own mind. Whenever we do anything that is self-rewarding and good or interesting for mental health, dopamine releases. It releases when we eat sweet or chocolate, it releases when we eat sweets, or meat; dopamine releases when we kiss, have sex or have a good conversation with someone, when we socialize ourselves. Dopamine even releases when we do drugs or smoke, that is why they are  so addictive and we can easily shake them off.

And Dopamine releases when we do shopping! Shopping is good for our mental health and is certainly far better than doing drugs. Consuming too much sweets or chocolate is bad for health, even when we consume too much caffeine, we experience sleep depravity or irregularity in our biological Clock. Social interaction is very rare now a days since people are busy all the while. And not everyone is lucky enough to be endowed with their loved ones. All the options that easily supply dopamine are not easily available except shopping.

There is another option that is very suitable for our mental health and that is sports. But with our regular tight schedule, it is really hard for many to make time and hit the fields or gym. If dopamine does not release as a natural process, a person gets depressed and in a long run, that depression turns into anxiety and often leads to panic attack. Shopping is one of the easiest, harmless and effective way to preserve mental sanctity and to have fun, so as Nancy advises, put that fat check of yours in good use, whenever you go shopping.