Saturday, 15 Jun 2024

Lingerie you can wear with Bodycon dresses


Bandage and bodycon dresses always are the first to enhance the confidence and oomph in a lady. But, regardless of how perfect your outfit is, it can get ruined the moment you turn around and those lethal visible panty lines and creases get seen. So, here are a few suggestions of what goes best with the cheap bodycon dress you just bought:

Seamless panties and thongs

Seamless panties are almost invisible below your dress, meaning it wipes out all the fear of visible panty lines. However, if you are extremely cautious and ready to pick a bold step, thongs may be perfect for you. 

There is a very specific reason why proficient stylists use thongs and G-strings. They may not be as comfortable as your cheeky, high-waist panties, but will definitely eradicate those pesky lines. Right from the convention G-strings to the fully functional C-strings, thongs are the best partner of your bodycon dress.

Seamless and padded bras

Your daily T-shirt bra is recommended for this. The padding gives you a smooth, comfy and elegant finish without any compromise. Wired or without wire? That’s your pick! If you have a backless or strapless bodycon dress, then you should choose padded, adhesive bra.


Usually shapewear is meant to hide your flaws and smooth out the extra bulges. But, if you really want to look perfect in your sexy fitted dress and get a complete transformation, then getting cheap bodysuit will give you guaranteed results. You can purchase high-waisted stomach cinchers or cheap bodysuits best Black Friday Deals 2020 online and look flawlessly elegant.     

Tips to keep in mind when buying bodycon dresses:

  1. Make sure you don’t choose too clingy fabric dresses. Pick dresses made from thicker material as it offers you better structured fit and more comfort.
  2. The color you pick for your bodycon dress plays a vital role in your appearance. Dark colors will give you more confidence and also enhance your physique. 
  3. Choosing the right size is very important when picking a bodycon dress as it makes you look attractive and complementary.
  4. U-shaped or V-shaped necklines match every body type. It gives much more substantial in the chest area and enhances the sex quotient of the dress.

Tips to keep in mind when buying bodysuit dresses:

  1. The first thing to keep in mind when buying bodysuit is its length, whether you have a long torso or short torso?
  2. Buy a bodysuit of the right size keeping your bust, stomach and butt in mind. You can check out the size chart available on the website before ordering.

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