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Make It Easier: Buying Kids Clothes for Your Girls

Do you remember the first tiny, kids polka dot shirt or the first skirt that you bought for your daughters? It must have been a fun time dressing them up the way you want them to. However, time flies. The next thing you know, they are embarrassed to wear a mum and daughter shirt that pairs with you, or they no longer like clothes shopping with you. Some would say that the good times are over, but you must know that it is only beginning. There is nothing more joyful than being part of your daughters’ growth, and this time, it is getting involved with finding out what they like wearing and what they dislike.

Not all children are the same. If you have two daughters, there might not be a day when they did not fight, especially if it is about borrowing each other’s clothes without permission. The good news is that it can be avoided. In what way? By buying them more clothes.

In this article, you will learn how to avoid the stress of clothes shopping. You must know the problems that could cause you some stress, so the first discussion would revolve around determining the challenges that make shopping difficult. Once addressed, you will learn some tips on what you can do to make buying kids clothes easy and breezy. Keep reading to get started!


The Challenges of Buying Clothes for Your Daughter

If you have boys in the family, you might have already noticed how easy it is to get them clothes. Compared to your daughters, it might have been a nightmare. However, it is easy to admit that, despite the difficulty to shop for skirts and dresses, it is fun to see them play dress up and do a twirl. To reach that point of bliss, of course, there will be challenges you have overcome first. If you want to pinpoint and determine what are the impactful factors that make it hard for you to make your daughters happy with their wardrobe, here they are:

The-Challenges-of-Buying-Clothes-for-Your-Daughter-1They grow fast

When you find a cute shirt in the pile of discounted kids clothes, one of your biggest worries might be your child outgrowing it after wearing the shirt three or four times. Well, it is a universal worry of parents because they know that kids grow fast like weeds. Their solution? Buy the next size or have it tailored to fit, then remove the stitches later.

They have one favourite outfit

Are you getting tired of the same shirt that they keep wearing? While you might have bought them a new kids polka dot shirt, they stuck with it, and it may look degraded after several washes. What you can do, and what some parents do, is to pretend it got lost in the laundry. They may or may not cry about it, but it is also a lesson that at some time in their life, they need to let go of some material things!

They want what their friends have

A trendy skirt for girls is what is ‘IN’ for your daughters and their circle of friends, but trendy means expensive. It is a perfect opportunity to teach them about handling money. If that did not work, you could tell them to wait until a store goes on sale. If it is still on the expensive side, you could make their old clothing and transform it into something new and trendy!

You do not have plenty of time to shop for them

As much as you want to be involved in everything that your daughter does, you do not have the time to do everything for them, especially shopping. What you can do is to get everything at an early date. For instance, prepare your birthday gift two weeks before the big day or shop a month before the holiday. Not only will it give you a chance to get discounts, but it will also lessen the stress of waiting in long lines or some clothes get out of stock.


What to Do to Make Clothes Shopping Easier?

Plenty of parents would agree that there is a need for concentration when you are shopping for kids clothing. There are factors, such as the size, material, and design, that are essential to consider to make the most out of your money. Clothes are an investment after all. With your girls’ clothes, you can make shopping easy in these ways:

What-to-Do-to-Make-Clothes-Shopping-Easier-1Measure them

Before you enter any retail shop or visit any online kids clothes shop, you must take out a measuring tape and know the size of your girls. Take note of it so you would not have to play the guessing game while you are browsing clothing pieces. Remember that comfort is a priority, and it can be achieved by getting the right size.

If you are shopping online, you will see the accurate measurements of a shirt or dress in the description box. You should never forget to check them if you want to get the right size. Some are critical about online shopping because of this, but you must know that comparing the measurements of your child and the clothing is the solution.

Go for the basics

There is a reason why stores never run out of classic designed shirts and dresses. It is because they are easy to pair! From hair accessories to shoes, your daughter can play around and style to express herself. It will also help them boost her confidence because she likes what she is wearing.

Let them choose

If your daughters do not get satisfied with the skirt or dress for girls that you bought for them, the best solution to it is to let them choose their clothing pieces. They will be the ones who would be wearing it anyway, so you either give them some clothes money or you can have them send you a link of the clothes they want online. It will remove the stress of buying and you would not hear them complaining about their wardrobe every time they try to dress up. 

Give trends a try

You must understand how crucial it is for children to have trendy clothes. If they realise that they have an outdated wardrobe, they will demand that you get the new pieces of clothing. Looking at trendy clothes might not be your hobby, but some online stores will help you navigate the popular designs and pieces on one page!

Avoid buying outfit sets

While it is tempting to buy a shirt that is already compatible paired with a skirt for girls, you must resist buying the set. Some stores do this by displaying them in mannequins. You may think that you are saving time because they already did the searching for you, but it is only a trick to make you buy more clothes than your daughters need. Not only that, they would not go with the clothes that your girls already have. As a result, it will only spend most of its time in the closet unused.

Ensure that when you are shopping, you will look at each piece of a set carefully and think about how much your girls can get out of it. Remember that mix and matching pieces are more useful than letting your daughters repeat a fixed outfit all the time.

Shop online

Now that the whole world is experiencing a pandemic, people rely on shopping online. Even when your daughters are only staying at home, they do not stop growing. Hence, it would be unavoidable that you would need to update their wardrobe. What is great about online shopping is that:

  • There is convenience

Any time of any day, you can check out pieces of clothing in the comfort of your home. You no longer need to go to the bank to pay for it as well! It will only take a few clicks to have new clothes arrive at your doorstep.

  • They are easy to compare

Avoid duplicating the polka dot shirt for kids that your girls already have with online shopping. Also, you can get the shirt much cheaper if you compare the prices from other shops. Hence, you get to save money. What you also need to watch out for is the deals! As a first-time buyer, stores would be generous towards you because they want you to stay loyal to them.

  • Stocks are not limited

Unlike physical stores, online stores have several stocks of each clothing piece. Since the products would be coming from a warehouse, you can expect that you can get both of your daughters the same skirt or dress that they want!

  • There is no pressure to buy

All customers have experienced getting pressured by salespersons into buying their products. Most of the time, they are so effective that you end up buying more than what you need. Well, you can shop without that external stress because you can take your time in online stores!

  • You can get the latest designs

Do you not hate it when you see a store’s advertisement about their new dress collection and not find it in their store? You will not experience that with online shopping. Since a shop’s website is updated in real-time, you can be the first one to get their latest releases. Your daughters would love to be the first to have trendy clothes!


How to Find a Trustworthy Online Clothes Store

There may be several online clothing stores for kids in Singapore today, but only a few you can trust. It can be a daunting experience looking for a reliable shop, especially if this is your first time doing it. If it is, you could use some useful tips on how you can find one. Here are some tips you can follow:


Ask for recommendations from friends and family

Trust is already built around your family members and friends, so you do not have to worry about them directing you to a hacked clothes website. Instead, they would lead you to an online kids clothes store where they have experienced buying a dress or two. Thus, do not be shy about asking for recommendations!

Read mum blogs

People are fond of sharing their opinions online, especially if they know that they are going to help their audience. Mums are one of those people, and they may not only recommend a store but give tips on how to style kids button-down shirts and skirts. Hence, be patient in reading through their blog posts and observe what they liked and disliked about certain online kids stores so you know which store to avoid!

Give online lists a chance

From online news outlets to fashion websites, they compile lists of their favourite online kids’ clothes shops. It may be a yearly tradition or a seasonal article posting. Nonetheless, you should catch their lists because they might give you discount holiday voucher codes as well!

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