Friday, 21 Jan 2022

Manage Waste and Boost Your Brand Image with Reusable Recycling Bags

Plastic is detrimental to the environment because of the material’s inability to biodegrade. It takes a minimum of 400 years to break down and during this process, contaminates waterways and thus accidentally harming the eco-system. As a result, the usage of single-use plastic bags was banned in many states. 

Many other states have implemented a mandatory fee for plastic bags in stores to discourage the use of plastic bags. Paper bags slowly came into the picture. These bags though economical weren’t too handy. They aren’t firm enough to hold heavier items and are subject to wear and tear in a short duration. 

Best alternative to plastic and paper bags:

Recyclable bags are in trend. People are now more aware about the benefits of reusable and recyclable bags and replacing them in place of plastic and paper bags. Reusable bags benefit both business owners and consumers. Businesses can use these bags to improve their brand recognition and customers get to reuse the bag for other purposes. 

The benefits of using reusable bags are aplenty. If your business is still using plastic/ paper bags consider turning to reusable environment-friendly bags and boost your brand image and sales. The quality of the bags you provide your customers says a lot about your business. Custom eco friendly totes are available in bulk at Custom Earth Promos.

They are the leading manufacturers of eco-friendly bags made from recyclable materials in Delray Beach, Florida. Their bags are durable last for years and available at budget-friendly rates. Find a bag that suit your business, customize it with the help of their team and get your bags delivered at the earliest.

Reusable bags for waste management:

Reusable bags are also increasingly used by waste management services and local authorities as an economic and easier way to collect wastes. Apart from offering these bags to your customers, you can also use it to dispose wastes. They make ideal bags to collect waste because they are:

  • Large enough to include brand details, information about local recycling initiatives and details regarding the right way to dispose wastes.
  • Sturdy and hold heavier wastes
  • Easier to handle since they come with handles and Velcro lids
  • Foldable and can be re-used n number of times.
  • Made from water-proof and durable material
  • Cost-effective with bulk purchases

Designing the reusable bag effectively:

  • Material: Reusable bags are available in different materials including cotton, jute, polypropylene and bamboo. You can choose a material that is ideal to pack your products.
  • Bag style: There is an overwhelming choice of bags available for different industries like food, brewery, grocery etc and different handle styles. Some come with dividers to store different items. Find a bag specific to your products.
  • Color: You can get the help of free designing website or a pro to devise an attractive bag which highlights your brand name/ logo.

Order the necessary quantity in advance and make sure you don’t run out of bags. Fix a marketing plan in mind and make sure your customized bags reach your customer so that these bags double up as a great marketing tool.