Sunday, 9 Jun 2024

Men Fashion Trends: From Street to Classy, Carry Yourselves with an Attitude

For men, women or anyone, fashion has gone beyond what you just wear. Fashion is not just-style. It’s a style statement. It’s not about what you wear but how you carry yourself in your outfit. It’s not just about outer look but reflecting your personality in your clothes and accessories. 

However, the definition of fashion can vary from person to person. Like for me personally, fashion has never been just about trends but more like what I am comfortable in and what makes me look prepared for the occasion. So, I update my wardrobe as I move from one stage to the next. 

I know some people can often comment that men don’t have many choices when it comes to fashion and that might be true but let me tell you, it makes things more interesting because the right choice can make them stand out even more. From Denim, Polo, Loafers, Sneakers, the range of fashion isn’t limited.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s dive into the world of men fashion trends.

Fabric Fashion

Okay so, this might sound weird to some but I am being very honest here. It’s very important to know what kind of fabric you are going to wear. Now you ask me, why? Easy!

Some designs and colors don’t go with every kind of fabric. Think about it, would you prefer neon colors on some silk or cotton?! It’s not necessarily that they would look bad just the comparison between them might bring the best out of the other one.

Like denim, clothes are available in several colors and blue is the most common amongst them.

Shine in your Light

Knowing what colors suit you best is like playing with colors over clothes using your body as a canvas and creating art with the final output. Everyone person is unique in their way so why not take it a step further. Who knows, maybe the right colors on you can turn into someone’s muse? Just saying. But give it a try and you will have your rainbow.

These are some of the points that you should keep in mind and fine-tune your choices and style. Change is a constant so if you want to change your look and get a little trendy, you must know the basics of every fashion trend. Know the best of yourself and be proud of the reflection in your mirror.