Monday, 30 Jan 2023

Must-have Winterwear for Women This Season

Winter is already here, and the temperature has tipped a lot! It’s time to ensure your wardrobe is all set for the season. You do not want to be running around in tracks, in a tank top or a t-shirt, do you? Therefore, we have rounded up some of the best winter wear for women to keep you warm, stylish and good-looking while you stay cosy indoors. 

  1. Sweatshirts– Sweatshirts are great for keeping yourself warm when it’s cold outside as they are made of heavy cotton. They are soft and look super chic! Not only will sweatshirts keep you warm, but they will also absorb sweat, keeping you dry and comfortable. Pro-tip: sweatshirts will hide any lumps or bumps on your body that might make you look fat, but never be insecure. Love your body anyway! Sweatshirts are also perfect for layering under other pieces like jackets or blazers for extra warmth if you shiver like a cat!
  1. CardigansCardigans are just as cosy as sweatshirts, but they are more polished than a sweatshirt. You can wear them year-round, but they come into their own during the winters because they help keep out those icy winds while still giving off an airy feeling without being too bulky. They feature a knitted pattern and an open front and are a stylish addition to any clothing. They will keep you warm without making you feel like an old shivering hag.
  1. Pullovers/sweaters/jumpers– Pullovers or sweaters/jumpers are terms used interchangeably to describe the same piece of clothing. You wear it over your t-shirt as an upper garment with long sleeves. It keeps you warm in chilly times and is the most common winter wear. Avoid looking like a sloppy mess this winter. Grab a pullover in your favourite colour. 
  1. Thermals- Thermals are moisture-wicking and ultra-lightweight and you can wear a thermal under your clothing. They are moisture-wicking and will never interfere with your daily activities. Merino Wool, the warmest wool, is used to make thermals. Thermals should not be too tight or loose, but rather the right fit to avoid suffocation. They come in a two-piece- top and bottom, so you can layer them together or separately as and when needed underneath any clothing.
  1. Blazers and overcoats- Blazers and overcoats are just as warm as they are stylish. When you have a meeting where you need to don formal wear, pull over a blazer that won’t let your freeze in this weather. Make sure your blazer snugs to your chest. Opt for patterned and geometric blazers to enrich your casual and party wear looks. Informal overcoats impart a chic look to any casual outfit. A turtleneck tee with skinny jeans, high boots, and a furry overcoat – this look is sure to turn heads.

There is no shortage of options for winterwearfor women especially since they are available in almost every colour imaginable! Pair your favourite winter upper with gloves, a scarf or a hat, and you’re good to go! Shop the best winterwear for women only from VERO MODA!