Tuesday, 30 May 2023

Newly Pregnant? Queen Bee Got You

Welcome to the world, baby! Being pregnant isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. You get big, your feet get swollen, and your back starts hurting. But there is one small upside: maternity clothes! Maternity clothing is great because they are so comfortable and supportive.

1. White Pants

If you have an ounce of modesty, you’ll want to wear white during your first trimester. I got the pair above from Victoria’s Secret for about $25, and I love them! Even though my belly is quite big, these pants keep me covered and comfortable…and I can button them up!

2. Leggings

This pair of leggings has also become my go-to pants because they are so comfy! They come in various colours (and are pretty adorable), but they can be purchased in normal stores…just a little more pricey ($30). Still, they are much less expensive than maternity clothes!

3. Free People Maternity Shirt

It’s hard to find cute maternity tops that will fit your growing belly and make you look stylish! This top comes in grey, black and white, so you can easily match the pattern with different coloured bottoms. 😉 And this shirt is only $40.

4. Tops

This store has SO many cute pieces in its maternity section! I love this shirt (pictured above) because it is simple yet still fashionable and only $25…and there are many other cute options for less than $40!

5. Lifestyle Maternity Pants

These pants have become one of my favourite! I love the print and the thicker fabric, but most importantly, these pants fit comfortably throughout all trimesters. They come in black and grey.

6. Janie & Jack Jeans

If you’re looking for more casual jeans to wear with your maternity style during this time, Janie & Jack have various options! They are comfy (pregnancy belly-wise) and affordable ($50-70). The black pair above is an affordable option that looks cute and stylish.

7. Maternity Cardigan

I have several cardigans for this time because cardigans are such a great layering piece. I love the white one above from Forever 21. It’s only $25 and can be layered with various tops, making it a great staple you can wear during all trimesters!

8. Baby Chicks Duck Shoes

These cute shoes are so comfy but look adorable with any outfit! They come in grey, green and black. They run small, so order your regular size if you’re in between sizes.

9. Free People Maternity Top

I love this top from Target’s baby section! Affordable, cute and comfy.

10. Maternity Sweatshirt

I love this sweatshirt’s belly graphic; it is so soft! And it comes in black, blue and white, so you can choose the colour that matches your bottoms. It runs small, but I highly recommend ordering a size up because these sweatshirts usually run small.


Maternity clothes are great because they make you feel much more comfortable and stylish! Plus, they’re surprisingly affordable (even in expensive stores).