Thursday, 20 Jan 2022

Oak Furniture: The kind you will love forever

Together with its uniqueness and character, the sturdy nature of the oak ensures that this majestic wood has a timeless draw. Carefully made, offering customers beautifully elegant furniture that endures too, with longevity and durability crucial to each design.

It’s good to think that furniture plays a part in creating precious memories, from marital beds, cots and well-loved sofas to the conversations, celebrations and decisions big and small that are made around the dining table. The idea that if properly cared for, furniture and the stories that become linked to it will live on for generations, recognizing that there is something really special in the potential for provenance oak provides.

With this in mind, here is a guide with expert tips on how best to take care of oak and hang on to your furniture’s distinct look.

Choose Customized Furniture

To maintain the elegance of the oak parts you’ve selected, the first thing you should do is ensure that the timber has been meticulously kiln-dried. Almost 50 percent water is the weight of freshly sawn wood, so this method ensures the moisture levels are spot on.

Frequently Wax

Wax polish, your furniture’s best friend, can nourish the timbers and create a protective seal to preserve the optimal moisture levels of the wood. In this manner, cultivating the grain also helps the wood avoid cracking.

We would always recommend sampling it on the underside of the furniture if you’re applying a fresh or different wax, so you can verify that you are absolutely satisfied with how it looks.

The best finish is provided by Beeswax. To ensure excellent defense while minimizing streaking and air pockets, here are three quick steps to follow:

Using a soft cloth to apply the wax, shifting it in the same direction as the grain. Let it set for five minutes. By buffing, remove the residual wax and, as before, follow the grain ‘s path.

Cleaning up your Oak Furniture

The oak is porous, so it is easy to absorb any liquid that comes into contact with the wood. Spillages, especially coffee and red wine, can lead to staining, so quickly blot the area with a clean , soft cloth that is slightly dampened with water.

Contact a specialist furniture restorer if the wood has stubborn staining, who would have the instruments and experience to return your furniture to its former glory.

Household items can potentially affect the finish of the furniture when it comes to daily cleaning, so we suggest keeping it easy to scrub and dust surfaces using a clean, damp cloth.

Do not place your furniture in front of a radiator or air conditioning unit: the wood would be parched by temperature changes that might cause the joints in the furniture to move apart. Similar heat extremes are also encountered by conservatories, so save your oak furniture for other rooms in your house.

When your furniture is repositioned, always lift it carefully so that you do not harm the piece ‘s structure. By putting felt pads on the base of the legs of your furniture, solid wood floors can be covered.

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