Friday, 12 Aug 2022

Potty Training Tips To Make The Process Smoother

For new parents, hearing their toddler’s first words is touching, seeing their first steps is breathtaking, and switching to solids is fun. However, each step or phase is filled with joy and excitement for the most part, until an introduction of potty training steps and seat will be next. Many parents look forward to this step the most as that will mean using fewer nappies which results in saving money. It is a chance for the baby to take their next step to be a big baby and gain confidence in themselves while spending some time with mommy and daddy.  However, potty training is not a task completed overnight and will often take between three to six months, depending on the toddler. Although some might take less time or even longer, starting earlier might be detrimental to the toddler’s development. The process should not be rushed as doing so will make the process take longer.

  • There are two main options for a potty; first, there is a standalone potty chair that is a suitable size for a toddler. Its contents can be emptied into the toilet without any hassle. Another option is a toddler-size seat that can be placed on top of the toilet seat. The seat will be secure, allowing your bundle of joy to feel secure and not be afraid of falling. This seat will be accompanied by stepping stool that will allow for easier reach of the seat or toilet with support. It will give your child confidence they need to move forward with the training.
  • When you think your little one is ready for potty training, then it will be fantastic to involve them in selecting the potty they want. Make a day of it and go shopping with them, so they feel more included and older. It will be their decision and not mommy or daddy who decides for them. It is the same when purchasing underwear because it can be seen as encouragement. However, ensure that the experience is fun and allow them to choose ones with their favourite cartoon characters or superheroes. With cool underwear to look forward to as a reward for doing well, potty training will proceed smoothly as it will serve as motivation.
  • Before parents start potty training, it might be an excellent idea to place a seat at every bathroom in the home, in the event one bathroom is occupied. And if you want, always keep a spare potty training seat in your vehicle during long-distance travels and stop as often as possible. For parents who have boys, it is better to teach them to use the toilet while sitting down first to remove their initial fears. When the time is right, and they are comfortable, the toddler can start learning to pee standing up. If they are scared of standing.
  • If you are still feeling nervous about potty training, then disposable training pants are just as much of a helpful step between diapers and wearing underwear. Training pants are an ideal transitional step when potty training. It is especially true at night when the toddler’s bladder control is not as good as during the day. Using training pants at night or when they are out playing is also great, but don’t worry that the little one will think it’s okay to use them as diapers. When the pants remain dry for longer periods, you can completely switch to wearing underwear.
  • Parents will realise that patience is a virtue they must have to survive taking care of toddlers, and this quality is imperative during the potty training steps. The reason it is essential is that children can take weeks to months for everything to proceed well. Do not be surprised to take five steps forward only take as many steps backward, but patience and encouragement are needed at such times. Under no circumstances should parents shame, scold or punish the child for taking long to potty or makes a mess. Doing so will be counterproductive and instil fear of the potty in them, discouraging any further efforts.

Now that you understand these excellent tips about how to make potty training success, you can implement them in your own home with your toddler. Don’t be nervous if nothing proceeds well during the first couple of tries or it would not be called training. So, don’t be disheartened when there is an accident. You can get amazing potty training accessories such as training toilet seat, stools and potty chairs at Hello Baby Direct, an online baby store in the UK. For more information, visit our website and browse through specials and so much more.