Friday, 31 Mar 2023

Pro Tips on getting the Better Audio Quality in Your Car

Getting the better sound on your car is more of a journey than a destination. It is an ongoing process, the one you can revisit and tweak along the way. The best car sound systems depend on decent gear and a little knowledge. Even the simplest upgradations can significantly affect your car sound system in a positive or negative way. 

Here we have put together a list of to-dos and suggestions on how to enhance the sound quality of your car audio system. Follow them thoroughly and you don’t have to live with the bad sound during your journey.

Replace your Factory Speakers

Speakers are the last thing that a manufacturer pays attention to when designing and building your car. However, factory speakers have gotten better over time in recent years, but many systems still use inexpensive speakers and amplifiers that don’t deliver the expected sound. 

You can make a difference by installing a new skar audio subwoofer. You will be able to hear tighter bass and clearer sound than before. You are most likely to notice the changes you have never heard before. You can also go the extra mile and replace the speakers with subwoofer for low-frequency bass sounds. Find some of the best 15-inch subwoofers and their reviews on our site. 

Upgrade your Head Unit and Ditch DAC

If you are listening to music through phone by connecting an auxiliary cable and MP3 player, the audio quality may take a hit. Find a head unit/receiver that has a USB connection. This allows the receiver to read data and convert them into analog signals that are passed to the amplifier and speakers.

Add components like Amplifier, Signal Processors and Equalizers

Adding these components can significantly increase your expense and can be more complex than placing the speakers or upgrading the receiver. But and amplifier can really transform the quality of sound in your car audio system.

If you have a factory stereo that didn’t come with an in-built amplifier, then it is necessary to install one that comes with these inputs. You can also install a head unit with preamp outputs. 

Use High-Quality Music or Audio Files

One of the most underrated points in the car’s audio quality is the source of the audio. If you are listening to audio files from your music player, the sound quality may degrade due to overly compressed files. You lose some high and low-frequency tunes when you compress your music along with some important details that give your music the depth.

Try using as little compression as possible if you are using iPhone, MP3 player or smartphone. Always remember- the higher the bit rate the better your music will sound.


Mostly, to get better audio quality in your car involves, upgrading your head unit and installing high-end speakers or subwoofers under $500 while others are actually focused on improving the environment which usually involves removing as much external interference as possible. 

The above list will seem a complex, time-consuming and expensive deal. You need to consider several factors and if you invest some time in analyzing your needs, you will easily be able to get the best sound quality in your car.