Tuesday, 30 May 2023

Reasons why touch lamps should be in every bedroom

Have you ever thought about purchasing touch lighting for the bedroom? If not, you’re not getting the whole experience! Touch lamps are a fashionable and practical addition that can be made to any bedroom, bringing advantages in both the functional and aesthetic realms. In this post, we will explore some helpful hints for selecting the ideal touch lamp from a wholesale vendor and five compelling arguments as to why touch lights are an absolute need for today’s bedrooms.

What are touch lamps?

There is a form of lamp known as a touch lamp, which, as opposed to a conventional switch, can have its light switched on and off by just touching a portion of the lamp. They are often clean, contemporary, and available in various designs, hues, and patterns.

Reasons why touch lamps for bedrooms are a must-have


You don’t need to fumble around in the dark looking for a switch to turn the light on or off; all you have to do is touch the lamp itself. This solution is beneficial when trying to get some shut-eye but don’t want to wake up your sleeping companion by switching on the leading light.

Touch lamps are stylish

They make any space seem more contemporary and may be readily integrated into various design styles.

Energy efficient

Because switching them on and off is simple, you are less likely to keep them on when they are not needed. This results in less wasted energy and lower costs for your monthly electric bill.


They are versatile enough to serve as a primary source of illumination and a reading light or a lamp for the side table.


They have no typical switches, so there is less chance they will be switched on or off by mistake. This reduces the risk of accidents and injuries and helps to keep people safer.

How to choose touch lamps for bedroom from a wholesale vendor

The following guidelines will assist you in selecting the ideal touch bulb for your environment:

Determine your needs

Think about what you want your touch light to be able to perform before you go out and start purchasing. Do you need a lamp that emits a soft glow, suitable for reading or resting, or do you want a lamp that casts a stronger light, ideal for doing duties such as dressing or applying makeup? This will make it easier to pick a lamp with the appropriate illumination characteristics and cut down your alternatives.

Consider size and placement

Many sizes are available for touch lights, ranging from little bedside lamps to enormous floor lamps. Consider where you want to put the lamp, and choose a size that will allow it to do so in a manner that is neither too crowded nor too crowded. It is essential to remember that touch lights need a certain amount of clearance around them to enable simple touch activation. As a result, it is necessary to ensure sufficient space for the lamp to operate effectively.

Choose the correct type of bulb

Because touch lights are often intended to function with certain kinds of bulbs, choosing the appropriate bulb when purchasing a touch lamp is essential. Keep an eye out for touch lights that make use of energy-efficient LED bulbs. These bulbs provide brilliant and long-lasting light while using less energy than conventional incandescent bulbs.