Friday, 12 Aug 2022

Relaxation With the best Massage for You

The Relaxing Massage is a manual therapy destined to improve the well-being of the person since its maximum objective is to increase the production of endorphins in our body.

Massage is a method of manual assessment and treatment of those parts of the human body that present some ailment, or are likely to present it, with the aim of improving pain, reducing or eliminating muscular tension, improving blood and lymphatic circulation and achieving relief of stress, anxiety and day-to-day tensions. For more on this visiting is the best option.

The Best Opportunities

  • In summary, the main objective of the Relaxing Massage is to relieve tension and achieve a relaxed state of mind, prioritizing manipulations and gentle passes over sudden and strong movements, more reserved for therapeutic or decontracting massage.
  • Definitely a massage is one of the most relaxing pleasures in life, and what better way to end a day or week of stress with a good relaxing or decontracting massage.

It is super important to dedicate time for us since the areas of the body that require the most massage are the neck, back and waist area.

At the massage centers they are convinced that a person improves their performance and well-being by having a massage on a regular basis, for this reason, they present benefits of massages that you surely did not have in mind:

Release of endorphins

Upon receiving a relaxing 강남건마 massage, our body, specifically the brain, releases endorphins, which provide a feeling of well-being and analgesic, that is, they relieve pain. In addition to reducing stress, it helps you to relax each of your muscles, helping your entire body to feel healthy.

They improve circulation

One of the best ways to improve circulation in our body is through massage, since in addition to reducing the heart rate, it lowers blood pressure and you can have a healthier heart and life.

They improve the immune system

By having better circulation in the blood, the body is detoxified, so thanks to this, our defenses increase, and it is much more difficult to get sick, also our organs when relaxing, improve their performance so that everything in our body works correctly.

Improve your posture

A massage always manages to end muscle problems such as muscle contractions or knots, as well as low back pain that is usually caused by sleeping in the wrong position, stress or some sudden movement.

It is very important to remember that our body reacts positively when we treat it well, so treat yourself to a simple or couple massage, since during the month of February at Central Glam we have as a promotion the Combo Massage 60 min + express facial, at double schedule you will get a discount of $ 400 pesos! Access our promotions section and learn about the discounts we have for you this month.

Also remember that we have expanded our range of massages to provide you with a more specific service, now we have wrap massage, prenatal massage and relaxing-decontracting massage (60 or 90 minutes).