Friday, 21 Jan 2022

Seiko Sports Watches: The First Choice of Every Sport Lover

Different sports watches for men have been catering to the diverse style and preference requirements. You will come across many premium brands in the market, but one name that holds great prominence in the watch industry is Seiko. Indeed, Seiko sports watches are brimmed with features that are hard to find anywhere else. 

Seiko 5 Sports is a sports watch series that was introduced back in 1968. Since its launch, the watch range became highly popular and drew an unassuming number of customers towards the brand. For those who share a love for the sports watches, Seiko would be a treat. With every new launch, you can expect some amazing updates on the watch. 

Whether it is the automatic movement, stainless steel bracelet, day and date display or water resistance, the sports collection from Seiko is hard to say no to. 

Why Seiko Sports Watches Are The Perfect Pick?

In-House Movement

If you are looking for a sports watch, Seiko sports watches can surprise you. The bona fide in-house movement of Seiko is the major catch. The automatic calibre 4R36 is nothing but extraordinary. It is a straightforward tried and tested movement from the brand that moves 3Hz and offers 41 hours power reserve, which is simply amazing. 

Tough and More Than Enough

One of the best traits of Seiko sports watches is that they are made with durable materials. You can also call it the “beater watch”. It is a term given to watches that can be worn without worrying about the denting, scratching, wetting, or losing. The stainless steel built of Seiko 5 Sport goes through a series of strength tests before it reaches the customers. The Hardlex crystal on the surface is the feather in the cap. These watches are built to last, making them highly preferable. 

Looks Good and Feels Good

Not only in the movement and technical elements, but manufacturers have particularly focused on making these watches look styling. There are five different variants of Seiko 5 Sport, and each is finely crafted for different style preferences. The common features of these sports watches for men include 42.5mm case and material, Hardlex crystal glass, in-house movement etc. Apart from that, you can get a range of textured dials, NATO straps, mesh bracelets, gold PVD-treated cases, etc. 

God Like Details

Nothing can ever compete with the fine details of Seiko sports watches. The meticulous focus on the detailing says a lot about the craftsmanship of this watch range. When you look closely into the watch, you will see amazing detailing of steel lining and bold hour markers covered with LumiBrite. You cannot stop yourself from admiring the beauty of this watch. The raised and angled seconds track is found on the peripheral dial. 

These are more than enough reasons to choose Seiko sports watches over any other brands in the market. Make sure to choose the best variant that suits your style and preference. You can never stop yourself from admiring the craftsmanship of these watch series.