Friday, 21 Jan 2022

Sending flowers is always the best choice

Italians take aesthetic very seriously. And they are committed to the old ways too. If you’re searching for the perfect gift on any occasion, flowers can always be the right answer. With a bouquet or through a single flower you’re expressing something that words can’t always easily convey. By the way, sending flowers to Italy could be tough if you don’t know anyone there that can help you. If you are searching for your modern online Mrs Dalloway, you can take a look on Italianflora. This website is the best way to send flowers to Italy. With this delivery service of flowers, you’ll be able to send bouquets to your loved ones in Italy from wherever you are. You can personalise your gift depending on the season and if you want your order to remain anonymous, it is possible as well!


The best choice for every occasion

For a birthday, a marriage or an anniversary, Italians always love a good bouquet! Every occasion then has its own flower of choice; tulips for a babyshower, roses for your lover, daffodils for Easter and holly for Christmas. Knowing the meaning can let you mark any special occasion with flair. For Mother’s Day the simplest choice is opting for her favourite, but also a spring bouquet with mixed blooms could make her smile. Is your best friend’s birthday but you can’t stay there for her party? Send her yellow roses: they are the emblem of friendship! For your Valentine the rose is still the best gift ever: but do you know that every colour has its own meaning? Red roses are passion, white ones stand for chaste love instead. Primroses are perfect for new beginnings and pink ones help you to communicate admiration. If you are in a long distance relationship, sending flowers will make her day!

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A lot of different meanings

The meanings of flowers result from very different sources, from the Bible to William Shakespeare, but their symbolism has evolved over centuries. Camellia is the symbol of finesse, daisies represent innocence and dahlias are just perfect for moments of changing. But you have to be careful because sometimes the meaning of a flower may be tricky or change among cultures around the world. So, if Italians exchange roses on Valentine’s day, in Hungary they are also an appreciated gift at funerals. The number of flowers in a bouquet is also important; in Vietnam a single red rose is symbol of undying love while in Brazil it is not enough. You expect to receive twelve of them, to be sure.


Another important detail to notice is the color of flowers. In Germany you will give white flowers at a funeral, while in the Arab world they would be given in happier occasions, such as marriages and birthdays. In Italy, instead, joy would be represented by yellow and orange flowers, while blue tones convey freedom and pinky ones intimacy. By the way, wherever you are and on every occasion, sending flowers is always a good idea.