Friday, 21 Jan 2022

  Should Ties and Socks Match?

If you want to fall in line with the expectations of today’s top fashions, it is important to make sure that you are following the rules. While there are some expressive and bold choices that you could make in fashion, there are definitely small choices that you can make to add flair and personality to your outfit while still being fashionable. Here are some top rules about matching your socks and ties!

Matching Can Piece Together Your Look

By matching the patterns or colors of your tie and your socks, you can often put together your look. Choosing a striking shade for your socks and your tie can often offset a suit that is particularly normal. This is an excellent option that you can use to add variety into your outfit and make sure that it looks more put together.

Not Matching for Variety

Making the choice to not match your socks and your tie can give your look a much more playful personality. When you are able to mix and match, you can make a small and playful statement as well as add a bit of whimsy to your outfit. Doing this can give you the chance to get a bit wild with the prints and patterns. The dominant shade of your tie should at least be active in the patterns on your socks. You can choose not to match but there still needs to be elements that match to complete the outfit! Try not to limit yourself when it comes to choosing your socks and ties. While it is important to make sure that the two match in some way, experimenting with your look and trying out a few different combinations will help you to find something that works well for your unique fashion sense.

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