Friday, 21 Jan 2022

Silver made Elegant Kiddush Wine Fountain for Shabbat

Shabbat is an event celebrated by the Jewish community every Friday of a week. This is a widely followed ritual when every family member gets together at the home. They believe that God has created the world after working all six days of the week and rested on the seventh day. The Jews also follow such rituals and celebrate the holiday in a grand way.

Shabbat is celebrated by the Jewish in a grand way that everyone can remember it for long. So they do not look over a single thing to arrange the event big. The day is celebrated with food and drink over the dinner table. Even they use special type of table wares to decorate the home this day. One of most important of them is Kiddush cup. 

What is Kiddush?

It is a ritual celebrated at the Shabbat event. Kiddush is basically sanctifying the food and drinks at the celebration by praying to the God. Drink is served on a Kiddush cup and the head of the family take a sip of it and pass to other. All of the members of the family then do the same. This is a way in Jewish culture to sanctifying the food and thanking to God with prayer. 

The Jews take this ritual very seriously and have been following this from ancient times. And for especially for this day every family have beautiful Kiddush cup or Kiddush wine fountain at their home. The Kiddush wine fountain is a very beautifully designed cup made of generally silver. But sometimes the Kiddush cups may be made of other metals. Whatever metal is used to make Kiddush cup, it is stunning and created by expert silversmiths. This special type of wine fountain carries taste and elegancy of the family.

Kiddush Wine Fountain in Online Stores

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The Kiddush cup made of pure silver is stunning in look and superior in use. These cups made of silver last long in your family. Sometimes it stays at your home for few generations but still keeps the same value. 

So if you are planning to buy a new Kiddush wine fountain to increase your family glory, choose the best product. Always go to the reputed online stores reading the customer rates and reviews.