Friday, 21 Jan 2022

Smart casual and how to pull it off effortlessly

Smart casual is still the most misunderstood term in menswear and it’s easy to see why. These two words ‘smart’ and ‘casual’ are complete opposites yet are combined to create a dress code which is used by so many.

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The Telegraph agrees that smart casual is a contradiction and suggests that it has two categories, formal and informal. Generally, you’ll be able to decipher which you need by looking at the type of event you’re dressing for or where the event is being held.

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Essential information

Typically, it’s best to have some staple items in your wardrobe such as comfortable shoes, shirts, chinos, nicely fitted blue denim jeans and unstructured blazers. These blazers won’t look too formal and are a bit shorter so they take away the traditional edge that your classic suit jacket has. If you’ve opted for a crisp white shirt, as many do, pair it with darker trousers such as a dark beige chino or dark blue denim to set it off nicely.

When we say comfortable shoes, we’re afraid the flip flop is out of the question. Think more of a soft loafer or a minimalist trainer depending on the type of event you’re going to.

When choosing your shirt, think about where your event is being held. If this is indoors and likely to be warm, chose a nice cool shirt and wear a blazer. You can always take the blazer off if you need to. Farah shirts are often a good go to item and include crisp stiff and grandad collars, and they also come in a range of colours and styles, so finding one you’re comfortable in should be relatively easy. Head to the link and have a look for yourself

Added extras

Don’t be afraid to play with material textures to add some depth and contrast to your outfit. Think outside the box and go for corduroy, suede or cable knits to give your outfit interest. Also let’s not forget to add a splash of personality in the mix by adding a hat or a nice watch. It’s not essential that you add any of these items, of course, but there may be times when you want to, especially as you become more confident at pulling off this style.