Monday, 27 Jun 2022

Smart Options with the Sling Bags Here

A sling bag is not only stylish and minimalistic, but also comfortable. With such an accessory, it is comfortable to organize all the necessary items and keep them close at hand. A sling is the golden mean between a backpack and trouser pockets. There are many sling bags in our assortment. There is no better option among them – each bag is good and effective in its own way. In this article, we will show you what to look for when choosing a sling bag, and make a small selection of accessories.

What is a sling bag?

This question is not as simple as it sounds. A sling is a body-fitting bag that can be worn on the chest, back or waist. Typically, these accessories are oblong and are worn in a diagonal position. Messenger and sling are similar in concept, but in reality they are different. A messenger is, literally, a postman’s bag, it is larger, bulkier and more square than a sling. But the sling is not always small – some can also accommodate laptops.

Why do you need a sling?

The Sling bag is optimal for those situations when all the accessories do not fit into the pockets of trousers and jackets, and the backpack with them turns out to be half empty, and, in fact, there is no need for it. Here’s a good example of what we usually carry with us on a daily basis. The tote bag is truly a cross between a backpack and pockets. This is an accessory that organizes a standard daily stage (and even a little more).

What should you pay attention to?

Volume / size

Displacement is a good, but not the most accurate guideline for determining the size of the bag. We recommend looking for baby slings in the 1 to 8 liter range – because the large sling is already moving into the crossbody backpack category. In addition, a heavy sling is inconvenient to wear on the chest, and for the back it is unlikely to be a comfortable option. Some sling bags are expandable, which is great for travel as they take up little space when not in use or when you have nothing to carry around, but you can still fill them with tons of stuff thanks to the expandable option. This feature is provided by the Code of Bell X-POD – Sling Pack (S).

The form

The profile of a sling bag significantly affects its appearance and comfort level. Most slings have an elongated shape, which is better suited to be worn on the chest or back. There are bags that gravitate towards square shapes and sharp corners, such as the Heimplanet Transit Line Sling Pocket .

Waterproof material

Most likely, you will carry important things in your bag, such as your cell phone, money, and passport. Unless you have the special ability to avoid rain and snow, the waterproof material of the bag will keep your accessories from getting wet. But let’s make a reservation – almost no fabric will save you from a heavy downpour, unless you have a Rains Bum Bag made of polyurethane and polyester – materials similar in structure to a raincoat.