Thursday, 27 Jan 2022

Smoking Likely To Protect Your Cartilage

Tobacco has a certain hazardous effect on humans but also has some medical benefits. Among numerous medical applications, it was used to cure a toothache by the Iroquois, Indians of Central Mexico used it to treat pain in the ear, Cherokee used as anesthetic and people in Guatemala used as antiseptic. It was also exchanged as a gift to enhance social bonding and to establish mutual hierarchies.  Mayans considered the tobacco plant as a divine plant, and it was offered to gods. Tobacco was associated with fertility both for women and for land. Most distinctively, tobacco was used in calumet rituals, where contract and commitment would be obligatory with the passing of the ritual pipe or calumet.

Tobacco played a predominant role in the life of Native Americans. The pipe in the north or the cigar in the south was very popular among men from Pacific to Atlantic to Argentina to Canada. Some inhabitants like Crow and Blackfoot only cultivated tobacco and no other crops. In the late 15th century and in the early 16th-century, smoking was spreading its wings in Europe as sailors harbored from America. Many Europeans believed tobacco was a magical herb and can cure all diseases. A Spanish doctor, in the name of Nicolas Monardes, even proclaimed that tobacco could cure cancer, acts as sedative and relaxant, and diminish hunger.  Many other sectors of society considered tobacco smoking as an offense. But slowly, the old world accepted smoking through the backing of many aristocrats and kings.

Benefits of smoking

Many believe that smoking tobacco causes cancer, heart disease emphysema, and many other ailments. But there is no guarantee you will be uniquely protected if you do not smoke. If you are a heavy smoker, then you are striving towards death in quick steps, but moderate puffs have certain benefits. Surprising observations were made in a recent study; smokers have less risk of total knee replacement surgery than those who completely abstain from smoking. This was published in the journal; Arthritis and Rheumatism in July copy; the study was carried out by the University of Adelaide in Australia. Knee replacement surgery is mostly associated with jogging and obesity. Smokers rarely jog; they are less likely to be morbidly obese.  After taking consideration of other factors like weight, age, work out, the researchers were unable to explain this noticeable, albeit small, protective benefit of smoking to osteoporosis. It could be nicotine have a characteristic to protect cartilages in the joints.


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