Thursday, 13 Jun 2024

St Patrick’s Day Gift Ideas

On or around March 17 annually, there is a celebration in countries around the world – St Patrick’s Day.  This is a celebration of Irish culture, in remembrance of St Patrick.  Currently in the modern world where cultural celebrations are rejoiced globally and everyone’s cultural horizons broadened, St Patrick’s Day is not only celebrated by people with Irish descent.

With such a big cultural and religious celebration, being invited a St Patrick’s Day event is quite common and hence buying gifts is inevitable.

The below are some gift ideas that you may want to consider when you are bringing a gift to a St Patrick’s Day party or to give the perfect gift to someone of Irish descent on this important day.

  1. Green or Shamrock Decorated Attire

On St Patrick’s Day, due to the traditional and cultural reason on wearing green, buying items which are green is a great gift idea.

If your recipient is one who likes outlandish style and likes to be the centre of attraction, why not buy him a green suit to wear for the party!  Green suit with clovered shamrock design or Leprechuans complete the attire in a tasteful manner for the event.

If your recipient prefers a more subtle attire but would still want to dress up for the occasion, a t-shirt such as a green t-shirt, drinking t-shirt or t-shirt with shamrock or leprechaun is the gift to consider.

  1. Household Items

If you are going to someone’s home for the celebration, some of the best St Patrick Day Gifts Ideas are those which let the recipients use for the event on the day itself to serve the guests.  For example, giving them coasters such as marbled green coasters are practical as  they can use on the day of event for purpose of serving the drinks to the guests and to use them subsequently.  Giving them a serving dish designed with the Irish tradition motifs is another great gift to consider with the same reason.

You may also consider kitchen additions, such as a canister beautifully decorated with Shamrocks which they can use to keep biscuits and other snacks in the container or home additions, such as a plaque with Irish blessing imprinted on the plaque, which they can display it in any areas of their house.

  1. Bar Products

St Patrick’s Day is a day where people imbibe vast quantities of beer and alcohol.  Hence buying drinking accessories are perfect gift ideas to consider because they will definitely come in handy.

You may consider St Patrick Day gifts for him such as a fun St. Patrick’s Day Beer Belt which holds three cans of beer or a tshirt style beer cooler, featuring the drinking team or Leprechaun.

You may also consider stylish and chic bar additions such as the elegant green wave shot glass or beer mug customised with the Irish tradition wordings and the recipient’s name.

A Irish bar theme or Leprechaun decorated beer bottle opener is another functional gift to consider.

With the above list of gift ideas, you will definitely be able to buy a gift that is suitable for the recipient and for the event.   Have fun shopping!