Friday, 23 Sep 2022

Starting A Cookie Jar Collectible Business

I doubt there are any kids around in this globe, that do not like consuming cookies. Dunking cookies from the cookie jar in milk is associated with snacking as well as kids. During my childhood years, some fifty or so years back, cookies indicated the heavenly things that grandma used to cook every afternoon.

Today, when time is of extremely important relevance, cookies are generally discovered in grocery stores, prepared to eat. During my days, cookies were baked and also if any were left (which was exceptionally rare) were stored in beautiful large, clear, glass cookie jars. What replaced them were ready-made cookie containers of all shapes and also sizes.

The pile of these containers was indicated to be sent out for reusing; rather, they became my collection of collectible cookie containers. Immediately I had a prefabricated collection of 50 plus collectible cookie containers which made me really feel very delighted.

In this way, my collection overgrew the area I had for it in my room, and also my father offered to make a display case for my collectible cookie containers in the garage, to which I happily concurred.By the end of the year, the display case was holding 387 collectible cookie containers of all forms, dimensions and also product.

I had plastic, metal, tin, timber, cardboard as well as paper cookie containers– and also the display screen was incredible. One day, a close friend of mine wanted a present box for a birthday celebration– she assumed that one of my collectible cookie jars would certainly make a fantastic packaging for her present.

In no time, I had individuals acquiring containers from me for all occasions. In this manner, I was making an average of $100 per week with the sale of my cookie jars, which gave me an idea– why not begin a tiny gift box device and make tailor-made present boxes?

With a little aid as well as financial investment, I place in each a little system for this objective and in six months, I was making actual money.

The viability of selling unique and collectible worthy cookie jars cannot be understated. In fact, many people are keen to get in on this hobby due to the simplicity and nostalgia invoked by the cookie jar. Furthermore, they double up as excellent house décor and talking points for guests who are touring the living room or kitchen.

Many cookie jars are born out of collections from partnerships between world famous brands. The limited edition aspect of these cookie jars drive up the demand and price for them. In fact, it is not uncommon to see these cookie jars on sale at auctions.

Overall, starting a business in cookie jar supply holds tremendous potential despite its bland public perception. This is why I have chosen to stick and invest in this collection.