Thursday, 20 Jan 2022

The Best Ways to Use Your Wooden Jewelry Boxes

Having a wooden jewelry box is a major plus when it comes to durability. So, you need to take advantage of these boxes by using them the right way. Different kinds of jewelry boxes have different strengths and appeals. With classic, vintage, and Asian jewelry boxes, the applications are numerous. To make the best of using your jewelry boxes, below are some tips for storing your pieces of jewelry.

Separate Your Jewelry by Types or by Metal

Each type of jewelry should be placed with other similar types. For example, place gold with gold, silver with silver, etc. This will help speed up your sorting process and give you a picture of how your jewelry will be stored.

Untangle Everything

Untangle the chains, necklaces, bracelets, and other jewelry pieces that need untangling. Doing this will help you sort through what you have much quicker. It will also reduce the chances of breaking jewelry pieces or damaging them in the heat of the moment.

Clean Jewelry After Each Use

Leaving sweat and bodily fluids on your jewelry (especially silver pieces) for prolonged periods can accelerate the rate at which they tarnish. The cleaning process, therefore, is essential in maintaining the shelf life of your jewelry and keeping them in good condition for much longer.

Store Rare Gems Separately

Gems of any kind are to be stored in separate compartments and conditions than other jewelry types. To maintain the authenticity of the gems and keep them lustrous for much longer, wrap them in pieces of fabric or other equally soft materials before placing them in the box. With this, your gems will remain free from scratches and retain their luster until you’re ready to sell them or pass them on to gaming members.

Use a Wooden Box With Different Compartments

If you must use the same box, store your jewelry groups in separate compartments. The different compartments help to ensure that your pieces of jewelry are kept in good condition and make them easy for you to find when necessary. The best wooden jewelry box for women comes in several compartments.

Keep Frequently Used Jewelry Accessible

Your jewelry box is most useful and pleasant to use if you can readily locate the specific jewelry you need at any time. To enjoy this benefit, you must group your pieces of jewelry not only by type but also by the frequency of use. Doing so will make it easy for you to find the ones you use more frequently, instead of having to dig through the whole box.

Store in a Cool and Dry Place

After sorting your jewelry and keeping them in different compartments, be sure to keep your jewelry boxes in areas that are dry and unlikely to come in contact with direct sunlight or moisture. This will help retain their luster and increase durability especially for less expensive jewelry that is subject to damage.


Wooden jewelry boxes are half the charm and appeal of the whole jewelry package. It’s not enough to buy expensive jewelry, how you store them goes a long way to ensuring durability.