Friday, 21 Jan 2022

The Bracelets and Your Best Choices

In all cases, your men’s bracelet in white or yellow gold and available with several different widths, but also several lengths. Our online jewelry store also offers a choice of cheap gold bracelet for men in 9 karat gold. For example, the yellow gold horse mesh men’s bracelet 1.4mm in width and 18cm in length in 9 carat gold is offered at a very low price of € 49. What to have fun without breaking the bank.

Why choose a men’s bracelet made of noble materials?

 These bracelets are made of elephant hair or even giraffe hair. The jewelry is complemented by 18k rose, white or yellow gold. It is therefore a delicate combination of materials from nature. However, how can you be sure that your elephant hair man bracelet respects nature and in particular the Washington convention on the protection of wild species? The stackable bracelets only offers jewelry that respects the protection of animals. To prove it, each man’s elephant hair bracelet comes with a CITES certificate, which guarantees compliance with international conventions on trade in protected species.

With all of our advice, you should now be able to select the right men’s bracelet for you. Our collections are rich and deep enough to allow you to acquire a real quality men’s jewel, with an irreproachable level of finish and a very eye-catching price. Do not hesitate to come to our showroom to come and look at all our men’s bracelets.

Do you want to indulge yourself by buying a bracelet on our online store?

Or are you planning to give a bracelet to a man around you?

As with rings, before making your final choice, you must choose a men’s bracelet in the right size. Indeed, it should not be too tight. And if it is too wide, the bracelet could be lost. If you have the wrong bracelet size, you can request to exchange it. But here are some tips for choosing the right bracelet length for sure.

What Is The Standard Minimum Length Of A Men’s Bracelet?

Men’s bracelets, whether they are silver curb chains, gold bangles, leather cuffs come in different lengths. Thus, they adapt to all male morphologies.

The standard size of a men’s bracelet is considered to be 20-21 cm long. This is of course an average. Therefore, you will easily find shorter or longer bracelets. Note that curb chains and link bracelets can easily be made larger or shorter, according to your needs.

Men’s Bracelet Size Guide

Our online jewelry store offers men’s bracelets with a length of between 18 and 62 cm. Why such a gap? Note that jewelry with a length of less than 20 cm is generally suitable for small wrists, those of children or adolescents for example. From 20 cm, the bracelets are aimed at stronger wrists. When they exceed a length of 23 cm, men’s bracelets are generally jewelry that wrap around the wrist and make several turns.