Thursday, 13 Jun 2024

The Dragon Spear In Chinese History

Spears and in particular the dragon spear was made use of initially as hunting weapons amongst the ancient Chinese. They became preferred as infantry weapons throughout the Warring States and Qin era, when spearmen were utilized as specifically extremely disciplined soldiers in arranged group attacks. 

When utilized in formation combating, spearmen would line up their big rectangular or circular shields in a shieldwall fashion. The Qin additionally employed lengthy spears (more similar to a pike) in formations comparable to Swiss pikemen in order to ward off cavalry. The Han Realm would use similar tactics as its Qin predecessors. Halberds, polearms, and dagger axes were additionally common weapons during this period.

Spears were likewise common weaponry for Warring States, Qin, and Han age cavalry units. Throughout these periods, the spear would become a much longer lance-like weapon utilized for mounties charges.

There is some complication regarding how to identify the Qiang from the Mao, as they are certainly really similar. Some people say that a Mao is much longer than a Qiang, others claim that the major distinction is between the stiffness of the shaft, where the Qiang would be adaptable and the Mao would be rigid. Scholars seem to favor the second description more than the former. As a result of the distinction in the design of the Mao and the Qiang, the usage is additionally different, though there is no conclusive answer regarding exactly what the distinctions are in between the Mao and the Qiang.


As humans advanced, the spear gained a new use– warfare. From tribal skirmishes to battlegrounds of epic proportions, the spear had seen every corner of the world and after that some. The most well-documented testimonial to the earliest usage of the spear as a tool of war is from the ancient globe. 

The Greek city states, the Roman republic and the Chinese empires had strengthened the need of the spear as an essential of all militaries. Shape, dimension, weight and the method it was made use of, came in various forms, yet it is concluded that the spear was used 2 methods, in melee and as a throwable weapon. 

The melee kind of use came to be one of the most well-known use of the spear. Phalanx, myriads, and cavalry had shown the spear as the most effective line of defense, or the most effective way to break rank. 

Although later in the throwable variant, it would be switched out by bows and crossbows, the spear would still be tossed to terrible effect in close quarters before intensifying to a full-blown melee fight. Destroying the very first lines of the enemy, ambushing at the exact second, or just catching anybody while they are relocating, the spear would continue as a throwable weapon along with its melee equivalent. In modern day times people use the best tactical pen for free for self defence