Thursday, 20 Jan 2022

The Nail Polish Looks With Which You Can Choose to Stun

You surely have a whole collection of them. While some prefer bright colors, others opt for more discreet shades. 

  • He is often the mirror of the personality! How to choose the right nail polish? 
  • Many people choose their nail polish color according to a trend, a season or even an outfit. But have you ever wondered if color enhances your skin tone?

To choose the right color for your nail polish, you must take your skin tone into account. Indeed, some varnishes are more flattering on tanned skin than fair and vice versa.

Fair skin

When it comes to nail polish, fair skin tones can afford just about anything. However, nude and especially pastel colored nail polishes are the ones that flatter you the most.Small flat with too dark varnish colors such as burgundy, emerald green or black these create too much contrast and are not flattering for your diaphanous complexion.

Dark / tanned skin

If you have an average skin color (neither too white nor too matte), you are in luck! Indeed you can do everything in terms of varnish. Without any restriction, you will be able to opt for pastel, bright colors, and color-block and even adopt an ombre nail-art.

The turquoise, the coral and white flatter your skin tone. A yellow manicure brings pep’s and sublimates tanned skin.

Dark skin

If you have dark skin, you can go for eccentric and colorful nail polishes. These colors enhance your skin. However, avoid colors that are too light because they create too much contrast.

Varnish a perfectly clean nail

A sine qua non for a nail polish to last more than 48 hours: apply it on absolutely clean and bare nails. This is the reason why it is preferable, before varnishing them, to pass a cotton ball soaked in solvent on the nails previously washed with soap. This eliminates all traces of an old varnish, the residue of moisturizer or body oil for example. The good idea is to take advantage of this little parenthesis devoted to the preparation of the nails to cover them with a base coat. They will be protected from the pigments contained in the nail polish. The use of magnetic nail polish is important there.

Apply a varnish in the rules of the art

The task is not as simple as it seems. Varnishing nails involves certain know-how if you want the varnish not to flake off once applied. Beware of the quality of the varnish: it must be liquid to keep its promise, and we skip the ultra-fast drying varnishes which flake easily. It is also essential to check the amount of varnish that is applied to each nail by passing the brush over the edge of the bottle to remove the excess varnish. 


The coat should be thin and there should be no small bubbles so that the varnish remains flawless for several days. On the other hand, it is really essential to apply a second coat of nail polish. Take your time because a varnish applied without haste will flake less easily. Also note that a thick layer of varnish is applied very quickly but flakes off just as quickly.