Thursday, 20 Jan 2022

The Parties and the masks for Your time

To mark an important event, why not organize a masquerade party. To make it stand out, you can opt for a masquerade ball. This type of event is perfectly suited to all age categories. In addition, it offers a multitude of possibilities. To help you put on the masquerade ball of your dreams, find in this article some practical advice. For the masquerade balls this is important.

Choosing the right theme

This is a very determining factor since it is depending on the theme that the animations, the costumes and even the menu will turn. Among the so-called classic themes, there is the theme of Mardi Gras, Halloween and Carnival. But, other more innovative themes such as the Geek party or extraterrestrial theme also ensure a spectacular atmosphere. Note, moreover, that the success of the party lies in the incorporation of this theme in the other elements of the evening.

Original costumes

A masquerade ball party is nothing without disguises. These should always be related to the chosen theme. Guests can come with their costumes, but it is also possible to organize a workshop. The latter certainly lightens the guests, but it is more suitable for children than adults.

Choosing the right menu

A ball is also an opportunity to feast and to appreciate the gastronomy. To amuse the guests, prefer snacks such as chocolate tarts that delight young and old. If your guest list is short enough, you can opt for a buffet where everyone eats as they please. Little tip: you have to bet on individual shares.

Also furnish the outdoor space

If you have a garden or a spacious terrace, you can also use that space for your party from Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger! Even in winter this should not be a problem. Get creative with party tents, umbrellas, straw bales, pallets and create a cozy outdoor decor. Complete it with some cozy mood lighting or a fire pit for cool evenings. You can also put down a suitcase with fleece blankets for the cold, but perhaps no one needs them when they dance themselves nice and warm at your party! The use of the venetian masks comes perfect there.

Play that music

It is an unimportant element of masquerade ball party. If you do not opt ​​for a DJ who will bring the atmosphere for you, then you can already get started to compile your own playlist. This of course differs depending on your audience, whether it will be a talk or dance evening, according to the theme. Do you also make room for request numbers? Provide, for example, a board on which people can write down request numbers, so that you can process them in the playlist during the evening. It is also nice to ask your guests in advance to send their favorite song, so you already have a basis for your perfect mix.