Friday, 21 Jan 2022

The right Rug for Your Perfect Use


Learn how to choose the carpet for the living room so that it is an essential part of the decoration of this important space. As is well known, the rug is the ideal complement to warm the living room space especially to give an elegant touch to the decoration.

The Finer Problem

Therefore, you don’t have to use just any carpet. You have to take into account some factors and recommendations.

So that you can use an elegant carpet in the decoration of your living room, we leave you with some recommendations so that you know how to choose the carpet for the living room. With these simple recommendations and tips, you will be able to choose a rug that harmonizes with the rest of the decoration. From Oats and Rice we come up with the best solution now.


Take into account the size of the room

One of the first recommendations for you to know how to choose the carpet for the room, is to take into account the size of the room. If you use a very large rug in a small room, the space will be recharged whereas, if you use a small rug in a large room, the rug will look ridiculous.

If you have good space in the living room, do not hesitate to use a large rug to accommodate essential furniture such as the sofa, armchairs and table. For a small living room, use a small rug only for the area of ​​the table or sofa.

Choose a suitable material

Remember that the living room is the room of the house considered high traffic, where you have to use a rug made of very resistant material. You can choose a wool rug, which has insulating properties and prevents the build-up of static electricity.

Jute rugs are also a good option, as it is a soft material. There are also other options such as bamboo rugs, viscose and synthetic materials such as acrylic and PVC.

Choose a matching color

To choose the color of the carpet you also have to take into account the color of the sofa and other decorative accessories. I recommend choosing a rug in a different color from the color of the sofa.

Of course, a great idea is that the color of the carpet combines elegantly with the cushions, curtains and certain accessories. In the case you want to opt for a carpet color that combines with everything, it has to be a neutral color. Also, remember that plain designs are ideal for minimalist rooms , while patterned rugs have more prominence.

Choose a sturdy design

In the case you have pets or small children at home, it is best that you choose a rug with a resistant design and that supports several cleanings. Avoid using patterned rugs and fragile materials. In this sense, it is better that you leave out light colors because they tend to stain easily.