Friday, 21 Jan 2022

The Shirts and the Perfection in Them

With the current situation, if you want to market designs or objects with specific designs, you will need one that can drastically stand out from the crowd and can easily attract attention so as not to go unnoticed. What is certain is that it is difficult to design an attractive shirt cut but the trickiest thing is to create the perfect visual for this shirt.

That’s why we wanted to advise you on this topic and to unveil the 10 tips and tricks to create the best design for your Plus size aunt shirts. If you want to contact us directly for advice, our team of experts is available and at your disposal.

  1. Take the time to create the perfect design for your shirts

Creating a unique and memorable design does not happen by chance. Even the best designers in the world take the time to inspire, improve and revise their creation. No historical work was done in a few days and even less in a few hours. When you embark on creating your Shirt visuals, keep in mind that they must first please you. Take the time, ask yourself, get comfortable and let the inspiration come to you in the greatest tranquility.

Whether it is a design or a project in general, you must and will constantly improve it. This means that when your design is ready and you think it’s finished, leave it for a few days or even weeks without touching it. Do not observe it, do not think about it and just go about your other activities. Read, cultivate, meet relatives, exchange with the outside world during this period. Once this time has elapsed, go back on it and make any changes that you think are necessary.

You will realize that your vision will have changed and you will feel proud to improve something that already seemed perfect to you.

  1. Put your design on a shirt: create a virtual preview

At Garment Printing, we create previews, previews, mock-ups so that our customers can see how their design will look on a shirt, even before printing. To find out if your visual is perfect for your shirts, it’s much easier to create a quick and easy montage of your visual on a blank shirt. Thus, you will be able to realize the rendering and confirm or improve your design according to your expectations. You will be surprised at how effective this trick is.

On the internet, you can find a multitude of mock-ups (customizable files according to your designs) to concretely visualize the rendering of your designs. One of the best-known mock-ups website is GraphicBurger.

Example of mock-ups opposite

A useful technique to visualize the rendering of your designs is to print your visual on a normal white sheet, the size of your shirt and position it on one of your shirts. This can allow you to gauge the print size you prefer for your final prints.