Friday, 21 Jan 2022

The Top Five Jewelry Brands of Today

Finding a fine piece of jewelry today can sometimes be a challenge with counterfeiters working to flood the market with their goods. If you want to give only the best and most luxurious pieces to the special someone in your life, it would be ideal to purchase something from one of the jewelry brands mentioned below.

1. Bulgari

Also known by many as BVLGARI, this Italian brand is regarded as one of the most influential entities in the world of style. Many of their necklaces are sought after for their elegant yet bold designs.

One of their more notable pieces is the Save the Children Necklace. A portion of the sales generated by this necklace will be donated by Bulgari to the Save the Children Fund.

2. Cartier

When people hear the name Cartier, their minds inevitably turn to luxury watches and all other kinds of accessories studded with precious gemstones.

Cartier’s creations are focused on allowing the jewels to shine for themselves and that remains true up to today as evidenced by their stunning Amulette de Cartier.

3. Graff

The British jeweler Graff may not be as well-known as some of the other entries in this article, but you will undoubtedly be wowed by their creations.

Their classic offerings in particular are marvelous creations. Graff’s Radiant Ring featuring a brilliant yellow diamond is a truly beautiful piece itself.

4. Harry Winston Inc.

Harry Winston, the founder of Harry Winston Inc., is known as the “King of Diamonds.” Given that moniker, you probably know what to expect to see in the company’s selection of products.

Of particular note are their engagement rings. Their classic engagement rings are among the most sought after even today.

5. Tiffany & Co.

It’s impossible to talk about the top jewelers without mentioning Tiffany & Co. Their brand has been synonymous with Hollywood glamour for decades and their pieces continue to be among the most unique and gorgeous creations.

Among their most inspired creations are the pieces included in their Tiffany Victoria collection. The purpose of this collection is to show off the inherent beauty found in diamonds.

Jewelry Store

Save some money on these huge brands by going to a used jewelry store the next time you’re looking for a special gift. After all, they are the experts at turning incredible raw materials into stunning works of elegant art.