Friday, 28 Jan 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Symbolism in Dragon Jewelry

  • Luck

Many Asian cultures use dragons to adorn personal items to bring good luck. Dragon-themed chopsticks, dishes, pillows, and other home products can be bought in stores throughout the continent. Lucky Dragon is the name given to thousands of Chinese-owned enterprises in the United States. Children born in the Year of the Dragon are seen to be fortunate since they are affiliated with Chinese culture’s most respectable creature. A dragon bracelet could be the perfect addition to your jewelry collection if you feel like you could use a little luck. Wear it wherever you go to have a more optimistic view and experience in life. Believe in the dragon’s strength around your wrist, and you will be rewarded.

  • Power and Strength

Dragons are associated with yang (masculine) energy in Asia. Yang energy is ferocious, physically strong, influential, and powerful. Dragon jewelry is worn for two main reasons: strength and power. The first is to demonstrate your strength to others with whom you interact. Others will be warned not to bother you if you wear a dragon necklace. In commercial contexts, the symbol might be especially useful. Whether or not your coworkers are aware of dragon symbolism, the image will send a clear message that you are worthy of respect.

  • Transformation

Dragons are a sign of new beginnings, progress, and transformation in Vietnam and Korea. Farmers seek dragons for big spring rains that will turn their bare crops into blooming fields. When Chinese vegetable gardeners ask for a big crop and plenty of rain, they make offerings to the dragon gods. The transforming potential of dragons isn’t limited to agriculture. Dragon necklaces can be worn during any transitional era. Wearing a dragon is an excellent choice if you’re moving, starting a new career, or going through a period of self-transformation.

  • Protection

Dragons, according to tradition, risk their lives to protect their dens, possessions, and young. They have been used as a protective emblem in Asian societies for thousands of years. As early as the 12th century, Japanese samurai soldiers wielded swords and wore armor adorned with dragons. All around Asia, dragon carvings can be found in residential buildings. Many homes have dragons painted or sculpted on their walls for protection and good fortune. According to feng-shui, dragon designs should face east.

Wearing Dragon Jewelry allows you to take the protection of the mythological beast with you at all times. Inside your house, in your car, and out in public. The protection of your heart is a bonus. Dishonest, undeserving suitors are thought to be repelled by dragons.