Friday, 21 Jan 2022

The Use of the Above Ground Pool


The aboveground pool is easier to install and less expensive than a pool and the possibilities are many: inflatable pool, freestanding pool, tubular pool or rigid pool. Not to mention their shapes and sizes or their installation and maintenance constraints. We tell you everything about best above ground pool.

Inflatable above ground pool

The inflatable above-ground pool is particularly easy to install: an inflator is enough. It comes in different shapes and sizes, to suit both adults and children.

Its coating is quite sensitive to rips; it is sometimes sold with a repair kit.

Above-ground freestanding pool

The freestanding above-ground pool (or freestanding) is an inflatable pool model of which only the upper flange inflates. Then just fill the pool with water so that, under pressure, it reaches its maximum height and stabilizes.

If a good flatness of the soil is recommended for all above-ground pools, this is essential because the freestanding pool will not deform and empty.

Above-ground tubular pool

The tubular above-ground pool is a pool consisting of polyester and PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pocket and a steel structure. To mount it, simply slide the tubes in the upper part of the covering and clipping them.

More resistant than an inflatable model, its dimensions can reach 7 m 2 for a depth of 1.60 m.

Rigid above-ground pool

The rigid above-ground pool consists of a liner and a structure in rigid modular panels. These can be wood, steel, aluminum, resin or concrete.

Particularly solid, but also aesthetic, the rigid above-ground pool comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Depending on the model, it can even be semi-buried or even buried.

The materials of an above ground pool

  • Liner materials
  • The coating (or liner) of the above-ground pool is usually PVC, the thickness of which affects its resistance: from 0.2 mm for the thinnest to more than 0.6 mm for the strongest.
  • The largest above-ground pool models can be made of reinforced liner, consisting of two layers of PVC united by polyester mesh reinforcement, for increased dimensional stability and tear resistance.

Materials of the pool structure

  • The structure of above ground pool is available in different materials.
  • Wooden pool, the above ground pool is very popular for its aesthetics. It is also more expensive than an above ground steel pool for example.
  • Swimming pool in steel or aluminum, the above ground pool is light and available in a large number of finishes: white, silver, but also imitation wood, etc.
  • Concrete pool, the above ground pool is particularly resistant, but heavy and therefore more difficult to mount.
  • Resin pool, the above ground pool is light, but rigid and easy to assemble.

The accessories of an above-ground pool

With the above ground pool are usually included a number of accessories.

The filtration system is essential for above ground pools with a water volume greater than about 3 m3. It can be cartridge (less expensive, but also less durable) or sand (more bulky, but with a finer filtration).

The chlorine diffuser is a small floating dispenser in which the chlorine rollers are placed, which progressively diffuses into the water.