Friday, 12 Aug 2022

Top criteria for purchasing an adult tricycle

Adult tricycles are an alternative to conventional bikes that help us carry everything we need by having baskets of different sizes. As with tricycles, when we choose one, we have to check that it is suitable for our size, but also that it has all the characteristics to make our trip comfortable. You can choose jorvik tricycle if you are thinking about buying a tricycle.

Maximum load it supports

As with conventional trikes, we have to pay special attention to the maximum weight that the adult tricycle can support. There are different options, the most common being those that support a maximum of 200 kg. There are also those who only reach 100 kg. That is why we must look for a model that matches our physical complexion.

Measurements and resistance

The measurements of the tricycle are an important aspect in choosing a particular model. The maximum height of the board must be less than the measurement of your legs so that when we stand up, we do not touch it. If you have any problems with the measurements, we can opt for a foldable model which, when used, takes up little space.You can buy jorvik tricycle according to your measurements.

Braking system

When it comes to pedaling (whether on an adult bicycle or tricycle), the braking system is essential for safe travel. Today almost all models have V Brake A modern system that allows the vehicle to be braked for a shorter distance. They usually incorporate disc brakes, which offer greater safety.


It is important to check that the vehicle we are going to buy has a good number of changes (preferably no less than six) to ensure that it can move comfortably even over the most rugged terrain. We must forget about the low-cost models that do not offer more than two speeds because they will be very uncomfortable for us to drive.


One aspect that will make the difference between an adult tricycle and others is the range of accessories available. These elements will depend on whether the vehicle has additional comfort and safety, especially when it comes to seeing and being seen while traveling.

When it comes to safety accessories, reflective elements are the most valuable because they give us better visibility. Besides, some vehicles are equipped with LED lighting at the front and rear. Finally, we should look for horn tricycles, which allow us to alert other vehicles in the event of an unexpected situation.


Comfortable travel is essential. For this, it is interesting to have gearboxes. Besides, it should have a handlebar and saddle adjustment system, which makes it easier to choose the most convenient height and ride in the right position.


The assembly process of the adult tricycle that we buy is something that we should also appreciate. If you are not used to cycling and other similar items, it is not advisable to purchase an adult tricycle that requires professional intervention.