Saturday, 15 Jun 2024

Top reasons why PSPs were the ultimate gaming consoles from the good old days

The PSP, PlayStation Portable, belongs to the seventh generation of video games console by Sony Computer Entertainment. It is a handheld game with stereo and mono speakers, microphone, and a 3.5mm microphone jack. 


With the launch of PSP in 2004, came mind-blowing games of the decade. Gamers from all age groups went gaga over the minimalist yet amazing games available literally on their fingertips. Games like Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, Patapon, God of War and even Spiderman received tremendous interest and excitement from gamers across the globe.


PlayStations and Computers were not mobile. With the introduction of PSPs, games went beyond the four walls of your house. You could now play your favorite games on your PSP anytime without restrictions to mobility and portability.

Within Budget

We can’t emphasize enough on the fact that PSPs were cheaper, accessible, and easily available, much more than PlayStations and other gaming consoles when they launched. Gamers could now afford a console that offered a great gaming experience at an affordable price point.


PSPs were multi-utility devices. Play games or Skype with your family and friends. Upload pictures, videos, music, and connect to people via the internet. Furthermore, you could also use PSPs as a controller for your PC or PS3 via the FuSa project!.This was revolutionary back in the day, at the time of PSP’s launch, when Blackberry and Nokia devices with keyboards were the kings of the smartphone world.

Combo Packs

Along with a system, a game, and a movie, bundle packs could provide you with a 1GB memory stick duo, which allowed you to download and upload whatever you wish to, in the system.


in 2005, hackers disassembled the code of the PSP and distributed it online. This allowed users to run their own code on the device, giving rise to the homebrew community. 

PSPs were a pioneering portable gaming device and competed directly with the Nintendo DS. Sony discontinued sales of PSP to USA and Europe in 2014 due to declining sales. The rise of touch screens, powerful processors and gaming apps in smartphones paved the way for mobile gaming, reducing the need for consumers to purchase separate portable gaming devices. 

If you are a gaming enthusiast and want to keep this relic of the past in your collection as a reminder of the uncountable hours fun you had in the “good old days”, or to show off to your kids, you can find stores online that still sell the PSP to this day.