Friday, 21 Jan 2022

Types of cufflinks and defining your style with them

Men are usually believed to have much lesser options in accessories than women. However, cool men’s cufflinks at Declic are great options that can transform your otherwise simple look into a stylish one. These small accessories give you a way to try something new with your everyday dressing. These enhance your look and reflect your personality effectively. These help you stand out from the crowd even the gathering of the smartest people. Here is a guide on different types of cufflinks and how they mirror your personality.

  • Types of cufflinks

They may look small and simple but they are powerful and influential. You can find different types of cufflinks based on material, design, color, shape, and closure.

  • Bullet back

These cufflinks have a small cylinder between two short bars. You flip it by ninety degrees to secure them on your wrist. Owing to their ease of use, these are preferred for today’s busy life.

  • Whaleback

These are flat faces cufflinks which are secured by flipping a whale tail that flips back. A whale tail is one of the most common closure and is a part of many types of cufflinks.

  • Fixed back

People find these cufflinks a bit tricky and time consuming to insert on your cuffs. These are mostly available in reversible styles which means you can use them with both the ends.

  • Chain link

Just like fixed back cufflinks, these are also reversible. The two ends of the cufflinks are connected with a chain. This allows you to have a loose or tight cuff according to your preference. These are easy to fasten.

  • Ball returned

These are advanced designs having ball-shaped ends. You get them as fixed back as well as chain link closure. The face of the cufflinks can be given any design.

  • Knotted

These are perfect for an informal look. These are less expensive and durable but offer a wide range of colors. Knotted cufflinks are easy to use and show off your fun and exciting side of yours.

  • Stud or button

These are easy to fasten and the most secured closure form of cufflinks. These are fixed by moving parts. Both parts are made of the same material.

  • Locking

These are the most innovative and in-trend cufflinks. These are secured by a hinge similar to a wristwatch and are preferred by millennials.

  • Marking your style

Cufflinks say a lot about your style and character. For that reason, you should wear a cufflink that matches your personality.

  • Bossy

Sophisticated design and high-quality material reflect the personality of a man-in-charge. You should choose a ball return or stud cufflink to make your presence registered and well reciprocated.

  • Creative

Creative people should choose knot or reversible chain cufflinks. You can choose colors and playful patterns to display your artistic character.

  • Techie

Techies are known for their eye for details. The best cufflinks for you would be the ones with unique and detailed designed. You need closures which are both fashioned and functional. Choose bullet back or locking to keep consistency in your style.

  • Daring sartorially

You are bold and do not hesitate to experiment with your attire. The best way to portray that is to ditch the conventions and opt for unusual colors and prints which can make a unique statement.