Wednesday, 25 Nov 2020

Types of sweatshirts

We all know that it is a sweatshirt, since it is a garment of the most common in our closet. They complete an informal look and are used regularly in the world of sports, fashion and merchandising. You will be surprised by the number of models of sweatshirts we have in our sweatshirt catalog!

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  1. 1 Types of sweatshirts for all tastes
  2. 2 Sweatshirts without hood
  3. 3 Hoodies
  4. 4 Zip Hoodies
  5. 5 Organic sweatshirts
  6. 6 Premium sweatshirts
  7. 7 Two-color sweatshirts
  8. 8 Thin sweatshirts
  9. 9 Sports sweatshirts
  10. 10 How do we recommend printing sweatshirts?
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Types of sweatshirts for all tastes

Although sweatshirts began as an exclusive garment for sports, their style, comfort and resistance led them to be used on a daily basis to protect themselves from the cold. Little by little, they have been flooding the world of fashion. Currently we no longer conceive a clothing collection without printed sweatshirts.

The available variety of sweatshirts is very wide, so surely we can all find a model to our taste, style and budget. Between basic sweatshirts and eco-friendly sweatshirts, there are many options.

Sweatshirts without hood

It all started with them: the classic sweatshirts without a hood, with a round neckline, thick, with a soft-brushed fleece interior and a blend of cotton and polyester.

Years ago, sweatshirts without hoods were very popular, then hooded models replaced them and now they have returned with great force. Surely, you have seen them in dozens of clothing stores, design collections of teddy fresh colorblock hoodie and merchandising.

Sweatshirts with hoodies

All self-respecting group merchandising has this sweatshirt model. In addition, it is that a hood is great when we are there at the festival and four drops fall or it is a little cold.

Hooded sweatshirts usually incorporate a practical and large kangaroo pocket and can be  chosen in a large number of colors, with thick or finer fabric, from season to season.

As we have a hood and pocket, we always recommend a reduced print on the front of the sweatshirt for March and a more expanded one on the back, always counting that the hood does not cover the print.

Zip Hoodies

In the selection of sweatshirts, you cannot miss an ideal garment for those who are overwhelmed when it comes to putting on and taking off a sweatshirt.

Zip-up hoodies allow for greater comfort as they can be worn like a jacket. In general, they usually come with a full zip, but there are also half-zip sweatshirt models.

To print zipper sweatshirts we must always take into account if the zipper is prepared to be able to print on it. Otherwise, we recommend printing or embroidering a small logo in the heart area.

Organic sweatshirts

A section of sweatshirts is more fashionable than ever. We are talking about ecological sweatshirts, without a doubt. In addition, we are not surprised: concern for sustainability and the environment is growing day by day. In addition, there are ecological teddy fresh h3h3 sweatshirts at the best price currently in our web catalog of sweatshirts.

Made from sustainable materials such as organic cotton or recycled polyester, sustainable sweatshirts are high quality and produced in a responsible way for both the planet and the workers.

Soft, resistant, with current cuts and very fashionable colors, the Stanley / Stella organic sweatshirts are the quality product that your clothing brand needs. They are beautiful with a little embroidery!

Premium hoodies

Essential for work wear due to their resistance, high-quality sweatshirts stand out for their finishes, their resistance and the softness of their fabric. That is why they are perfect for designers, music groups or work wardrobes.

We recommend betting on the durability of premium sweatshirts if the use that they are going to give them is continuous, since they withstand working hours and washing much better than sweatshirts intended for promotions or advertising.