Friday, 21 Jan 2022

Want Your Expensive Umbrellas to Last Long – Here are Some Maintenance Tips

Are you a person who is fond of various kinds of accessories? If yes, you must have fondness for umbrellas too. Well, to be frank, umbrellas are considered more utilitarian items than stylish or luxury items. But there are designer luxury umbrellas from various leading brands, which are extremely stylish and highly desirable fashion accessories. These are also expensive umbrellas when compared to other general umbrellas.

Whether you own luxury umbrellas or general ordinary umbrellas, one thing is common. All kinds of umbrellas need care and maintenance. In case they are not taken care of well, they will be damaged. This happens because umbrellas withstand the onslaught of nature directly in the form of heat, rain, snow, hail, wind etc. Even if you have a strong umbrella or a wind resistant umbrella, you must ensure that they are maintained well for their longevity.

In this article, we will discuss in detail about some essential maintenance tips which will help in keeping your umbrella in good shape for long time.

  • Refrain from using the umbrella as a walking stick – Many people have the habit of using the umbrella as a walking stick when it is not in use. However, this is not applicable for a folding umbrella as the size of the umbrella becomes quite short post-folding. Non-folding umbrellas which remain quite long are basically used for this purpose. The main structure of the umbrella along with the main supporting tube might break if pressure is applied on it while walking or leaning on it.
  • Stay away when winds are very high–There are many umbrellas which are claimed to be wind-resistant in nature, but there is a limit to that. If the winds are too gusty, no umbrella will be able to withstand that pressure and that might break the umbrella. Do not use umbrellas in such conditions, particularly by river and sea fronts.
  • Never fold the umbrella while it is wet– Keep this point in mind very clearly. If the wet umbrella is kept folded, it will develop rust and rust is the main enemy of any umbrella. Make sure that the umbrella is kept open so that it can dry completely. This also helps the material and the fabric of the umbrella to breathe properly. The metal parts of the umbrella are saved with this little maintenance and care.
  • Never put the umbrella in close proximity to radiators or heaters–Your umbrella might be windproof or waterproof in nature. But it is in no way heat proof. Therefore keep the umbrella away from heaters and radiators. Keep your umbrella in a dry and cool place.
  • Don’t dry the umbrella under direct sunlight–Most of us dry our wet umbrellas under the sun as this seems to be the fastest and best way of drying it. But this is not correct at all. Refrain from drying the umbrella under direct sunlight for avoiding fading of the same. Open the umbrella and put it in an open but shady place so that it dries in cool place.
  • Use only plain water for cleaning umbrellas–You might need to clean your umbrellas once in a while. For cleaning, use plain and cool water only. Whether you have a wooden umbrella or any other kind of umbrella, there is a waterproof coating on the material. If you use any kinds of chemicals for cleaning the umbrella, that layer gets eroded.
  • Don’t fold the umbrella in any casual manner–There are some natural creases in the umbrella. While folding, follow the creases and fold it carefully. Do not crumple the umbrella and stash it in the cupboard. Awkward creasing of the fabric and damage to the spokes can be avoided with this method.
  • Operate the umbrella softly–Do not rush in opening and closing the umbrella. Open the umbrella softly and gently as much as possible. On opening roughly, immense pressure is exerted on the stretchers, ribs and connecting pins of the umbrella. Sometimes, the pins and the ribs snap as a result of rough handling.
  • Don’t try extending the shaft by throwing it open–This is mainly applicable for telescopic umbrellas. Never swing the umbrella by the handle. If you try to extend the shaft by throwing it open, some sections of the shaft might be separated.

You just need to be a little careful with this possession of yours so that you can use the same for a long period of time in hassle free manner.