Saturday, 15 Jun 2024

What Are Lab Grown Diamonds? Are They Graded?

You have often heard that jewelry is a women’s best friend, yes it is true for most of us. But, when the world is going through so much and there’s a chance of the human civilization meeting it ends due to overutilization of resources or overpopulation, many of us are looking for alternatives. The alternative that scientists and manufacturers have come up with is lab-grown diamonds. You might not know what are lab grown diamonds, but in a nutshell, it’s the best alternative for mined diamonds.

What are lab grown diamonds?

Now, that you know the importance of using an eco-friendly alternative of the mined diamonds, its time that you know what are lab grown diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are known by different names, some call them lab-created, some jewelers call them man-made, and others call it synthetic diamonds. Although they are a perfect alternative to mined diamonds, be it in shape or size but, you can say that man has successfully made a diamond which is identical and yet different from the mined diamonds. Taking the environmental and humanitarian concerns in mind, it is made under the same process as mined diamonds but with full precaution to keep the earth safe.

Beyond the shine and about lab grown diamonds

Famous actors, movies, and entertainers have tried their level best to make us aware of the other side of mined diamonds. Leonardo DiCaprio’s Blood Diamond shows how there are things beyond the shining brightness of the real mined diamonds. These movies don’t show you what are lab grown diamonds but they do go beyond the shine.

Grading and certification

What are lab grown diamonds? They are eco friendly, but customers do need a guarantee that their money is not getting wasted or that they are not a victim of fraud. Since we love our mother earth, we are very particular in checking out the grading and certification of any product before using it. Therefore grade and certificate of real lab made diamonds are important to get customers attracted to it.

Process of grading and certifying

A diamond certification lab has not one but many gemologists who go through every individual part of the diamond. Only when they are completely satisfied with their work, they grade the diamonds. Diamonds are sent to labs for certification and grading. These labs grade diamonds based on the 4c’s formula (cut, clarity, color, and carat). They check whether the diamond has been perfectly cut down into a jewel, and in clarity, they check how clear and flawless it is, and also its size and color.

There is not much difference in the certification and grading process of lab growth and mined diamonds as both go through the same testing. This is why people often get confused between what are lab grown diamonds and what mined diamonds are. You can use these real diamonds as engagement rings, weddings, fashion, and jewelry.

Know your retailer’s lab

It is important to remember that a particular retailer will always send their diamonds for grading to a lab which they think are trustworthy, so if certification and grades are your primary motive, do put that extra effort to know the lab from where your lab grown diamonds are graded.