Friday, 21 Jan 2022

What is Blackphemy?

The responsibility of this creation is Mr. Christian Flores Montes, fashion designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He worked with many leading fashion brands in his city, where he developed a unique way to see fashion trends. This project was created in 2014 following the design of a final thesis at UBA, the impulse to create a line of unique garments that were ready to use with urban sports aesthetics and a monochromatic theme (black and white) with textures, transparencies and shapes.

Along years in fashion industry he was recognized by his vision on how black color is used by him to be more democratic at different levels of usage.

‘’The way we see and use colors at different scenes of our lives are very important and recognizable but there is no such a significant color as black that is instantly known by an entire culture and that’s why it has such an strong meaning’’ says Mr Flores Montes.

His monochrome theme of working is much more than a design theme, but it is also a personal challenge and at the same time, a commercial strategy, a black style never goes out of time, the challenge of handling one color or two in the need of a TABULA  RASA that can be addressed at the time of creation, so great attention is paid to the composition of the material and the texture of the different genres rather than an informal, but not less important as color is. There are no seasons in Blackphemy, because he believes in an international projection that is imminent and his products are achieved by buyers from other continents,

This is how you can get winter clothes on the spring summer rack and vice versa to facilitate the travel season for other travel consumers. That´s why most of the garments are timeless.

Black is, solid, arrogant, serious according to the situation and above all; not variable

The inspiration of Blackphemy has always been in the world in general, a clandestine culture and street culture due to the history and work experience of the designer and the silhouettes correspond to a non-discriminatory mixture of cultural situations in which he crossed during his life; from the Umbanda rituals of the “cult” of the neighborhood that everyone feared, to the daily friendship of dressing when you put the original Nike shoes on another level.

It is never enough, the projection of Blackphemy is to be able to create in different situations and spaces, create emotions that you carry and take you into account in a world where strange feelings are different from yours. BE, one of the greatest inspirations of designers, is the BE that is defined by WHEN.