Friday, 21 Jan 2022

What Is Glycolic Acid? – How It Is Derived And Its Benefits

Glycolic Acid can be defined as a naturally occurring substance, which can be used as a skincare ingredient as it provides skin caring properties. The Glycolic acid belongs to the AHA( alpha-hydroxy acid) family and they are derived from substances like sugarcanes, grapes and milk. These acids AHAs are easily soluble in water. Glycolic acid offers properties likes moisturising to regenerate the skin cells which is why it is becoming a cosmetic product rapidly. When Glycolic acid is taken in raw form, it is in the form of colourless crystals and doesn’t contain any smell. In the AHA family, Glycolic acid is the smallest in the size which helps it going inside the small pores of the skin and cleaning it like no other product can.

It is necessary to know What Is Glycolic Acid? As people generally scared by the term acid in its name. Just before using any product which contains Glycolic acid always ensure that it’s concentration is not much. Glycolic acid is suitable for most skin types and works for those too who have sensitive skin. Before using any product containing Glycolic acid, always use water as a base on your face. Glycolic acid is easily soluble in water and that why it will help you. Lower concentration of Glycolic acid will do the job. There is no need to be harsh on your skin by using concentrated Glycolic acid. Glycolic acid is synthesized from naturally occurring objects like sugarcane, grapes, etc. which ensure that it doesn’t harm your skin.

There are many benefits of Glycolic acid, we are going to discuss some of them for you to understand why it is a popular and important cosmetic product.

  1. As Glycolic acid is derived from plants, it is good for any skin type. Even people with sensitive skin can use products containing Glycolic acid.
  2. Glycolic Acid helps in the regeneration of the skin cells which is why it is very popular among the cosmetic developers. They can make and sell anti-ageing products because of Glycolic Acid.
  3. Due to the small molecular size of the particles of the Glycolic acid, it penetrates through the skin and helps airflow.
  4. Glycolic acid is useful in removing dead skin cells and promotes regeneration of the skin cells.
  5. Darks spots are always a case of worry but using Glycolic acid can easily remove them. If used in the right amount, they will disappear real soon.
  6. The lop layer of our skin is made from dead cells which means after some time if they are not removed naturally, they will start looking dull. Using Glycolic acid will help in the removal of these skin cells.
  7. Glycolic acid is good for the skin as it promotes collagen production. Collagen is a structural protein which is reduces wrinkling. As we age, the tendency to make Collagen decreases but by using Glycolic acid we can boost its production.

These were some of the major benefits of using Glycolic acid. Products containing Glycolic acid will surely help you in making your skin better. Due to these properties, they can easily be found inside many famous skincare products. Always remember to do a small test before making it your skincare routine. Take a small amount of that product and apply it on your hands or ears. If you feel any inflammation, you should avoid to use it. Otherwise, you are good to go and use this amazing product for cleaning your skin.