Friday, 21 Jan 2022

What Is Style Line In Fashion?

What is the style line in fashion? This is a very important question for people with an interest in fashion. Both designers and customers see style lines as having a lot of significance because of the purpose they play in the final appearance of a garment. Essentially, a style line refers to a line or seam in a garment created to bring out a visual effect. This is opposed to a dart, whose purpose is to structure a garment and give it shape. Therefore, in the fashion industry, designers use style lines to bring out the uniqueness of a garment. Below, you will learn what a style line helps achieve in a garment.

A Waistless Style Line

A waistless style line comes in handy by creating the visual effect of one appearing taller and thinner. Designers use this technique to hide the waistline as well as reducing a broad figure. If you want to appear taller and thinner in your artsy fashion style, you can apply the use of a style line to make that possible.

High-Waisted Style Line

The high-waisted style line is another technique that fashion designers use to create a visual effect on a garment. One of the visual effects that this helps achieve is shortening the upper body while making the waist area broad. Another important visual effect of the high-waist style line is that it makes the leg line look longer.

Moreover, if you would like to have your tummy camouflaged, a style line can do a perfectly good job for you. Fashion designers seek to make sure that people of different body sizes look good when wearing clothes. It’s for this reason, that the style line helps put emphasis on certain areas of a garment.

Low-Waisted Style Line

If you would like to have the hip area of your garment appear broader, a style line can help achieve that goal. Designers can make this possible by using a low-waisted style line. Additionally, by lowering the waistline, the figure of a garment appears long-waisted. Again, fashion designers can take advantage of this to style clothes according to the preference of their customers.

Waistline Style Line

A waistline style line plays a pivotal role in making a garment appear unique. Through it, it’s possible to have an average garment looking more proportional. In addition, it helps to improve the natural waistline of a garment regardless of whether it’s medium or small. It’s significant to note that the waistline style line puts much focus around the waist area. For this reason, people who have a high or low waist body should use it with caution.

The use of a style line in fashion is common. Designers make use of it to make garments appear distinctive and create a visual effect that fits different body sizes. Certainly, people have different body shapes and, as a result, fashion designers have to design clothes in a way that fits a particular body shape well. As diverse are fashion patterns and designs of different clothes, so are the visual effects that a style line brings upon them.


Julia Maksheeva,

CMO of Brandable