Tuesday, 30 May 2023

What Kind of Fire Claim You Can Make

The fire insurance (also called fire insurance or building fire insurance) protects next to the building and the building fabric (such as windows and doors) and fixed to the building objects, such as firmly anchored machines. For businessmen, insurance is especially important if valuable property of the business exists. In case of the Fire claim this is important.

What is insured?

In general, the building (masonry, windows, doors, roof) of the building is insured. There are also objects that are firmly connected to the building and certain objects that are fixed to the outside of the building. Depending on the insurer, objects attached to the outside of the building may be covered by a contribution-free insurance or must be included in the insurance cover at an additional cost.

These risks are insured by the fire insurance

Fire insurance covers damage occurring on the premises, in the premises or on equipment and furniture by:

  • Fire
  • Explosion
  • Lightning and Impact or crash of a steered missile arises.

Damaged by lightning

Fire insurance covers damage caused by direct lightning or atmospheric over voltages.

Damage caused by impact or crash of guided missiles

Fire insurance covers damage caused by impact or crash of aircraft or guided missiles or their cargo.


Fire insurance covers damage caused by arson. If the perpetrator could be determined, the insurance company takes this also for the claims settlement in recourse. Arson is excluded by the policyholder himself.

What is not insured?

Insurance companies can exclude certain causes of damage from the insurance cover.

  • Exclusions in fire insurance
  • Intent (arson by the policyholder)
  • war
  • nuclear energy
  • nuclear radiation
  • radioactive substances
  • internal disturbances
  • shake
  • fire insurance

Who needs fire insurance?

If you own a building (building insurance), land or inventory whose replacement value is significant, you should take out fire insurance. Insurance is always important when office space or buildings belong to business assets. Especially for agricultural and industrial companies, an independent fire insurance can be useful. In 2017 alone, around 200,000 claims were reported, the cause of which was fire. Around 1.04 billion euros, the insurance paid out to the insured.

Individual contract or cover via building insurance?

The risk of fire damage can be covered by independent fire insurance or within the building insurance. An individual contract makes sense especially if the dangers of tap water, storm and hail play no or only a minor role for the respective company. The decision for independent fire insurance is usually a cost issue, because the fire insurance is much cheaper than a building insurance, in which all risks are covered. However, businesses that can be significantly damaged by tap water damage should prefer building insurance and provide their business with comprehensive protection.

Services of fire insurance

Since a fire can have numerous causes, as many sources of danger as possible should be covered by the insurance. Pay particular attention to the fact that fires are included in the scope of performance due to negligence. For slight negligence that applies to most insurance, gross negligence, however, must be expected with discounts in the subsequent payment.