Tuesday, 24 Nov 2020

Why Choose Taobao Shopping

Taobao is the largest online shopping marketplace in Asia with more than 75 per cent of the Chinese-domestic online consumer market. It has comprehensive products offering ranging, best customer experience, low price of all products. If you want to shop for Taobao products at a low price, this information is for you!

  1. Comprehensive Range of Products

Thousands of sellers include large retailers and individual makers and providers offer a large choice of products with a nearly unlimited range of items, which range from collectables items to mainstream retail categories like clothing and accessories, consumer electronics, household products and sporting goods.

  1. Best Customer Experience

All activities of Taobao sellers open different kinds of Taobao shops, they are monitored by Taobao.com. According to the activities of the sellers, Taobao give them a different credit rating, so when Taobao agent customers select goods from these Taobao sellers, you must check the credibility of the Taobao sellers, when a seller has a higher credit rating, it means that you can buy better quality goods from this seller.

  1. Low Price of All Products

The same goods purchased in Europe, prices are generally more expensive to 3-4 times. Most of Taobao sellers tend to set the lowest possible price to stay in line with the competition. China is an important world factory with a lot of cheap labours, which is the principal point where you can gain profit if you buy related products directly from China. Now, part of Taobao sellers are individual makers and providers, so you can buy products delivered directly from factories without any intermediary cost.

Taobao has brought to many people so much nice surprises, We are sure it will bring you the same.

If you don’t know the specific words in Chinese, you can use translation tools or contact us to find the products you desire.

  1. How to Search on Taobao?

You can choose a search bar of the homepage to search for products, and use translation tools or our Taobao English categories to find proper keywords, then insert your keywords into the search bar.  When you make a searching, it is better to use Chinese characters as most of the products on the website are described in Chinese.

  1. How to Choose on Taobao?

For your convenience, Taobao has Designed different options to filter or search among our products. So you can narrow your search further to choose the best quality product at the cheapest price.  We highly recommend the Mall items, because they are more reliable and quality guaranteed by Taobao. It will make your shopping procedure more enjoyable.

  1. Taobao: How to Decide?

If you want to buy from C2C market, we recommend you to choose a seller with middle sell score (with the avatar more than 2 blue diamond and less than 1 blue crown). Also, it’s necessary to choose the seller with good feedback rate (always more than 90% but not 100% because it’s impossible usually unless he makes fake transactions).