Friday, 12 Aug 2022

Why it’s important to take your time when joining the natural hair movement  

The natural hair movement has encouraged many individuals to forego chemical straightening and relaxing treatments and instead wear the hair naturally. If you plan to ditch the chemicals, this article is for you.

A survey from All Things Hair recently found that, when it comes to seeing natural hair in the media, 67% of people now feel better represented. If you have the confidence to wear your hair naturally, then bear in mind that the process can take some time 

It’s worth the wait

It takes months for your hair to begin returning to its natural state after you’ve relaxed it, so you’ll need to commit for the long haul. Your first decision will be around whether to simply grow out your straightened hair and maintain your length or to cut it off.  Either way, you’ll still be waiting months before you have a full head of natural curls and kinks.

Have the right products to hand

You need different products for looking after your natural hair and ensuring it looks its best. This can be a fun part of the process, as you get to explore whole new lines of shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling products. Treat yourself to products that not only enhance the condition of your hair, but which you’ll enjoy using to get even more out of the process of returning to natural hair

The conditioner that you choose is particularly important. Your new, natural growth will be in need of plenty of nourishment, so opt for a deeply conditioning product for regular use, as well as a nourishing mask to use once a week. You’ll still shed hairs as your relaxed locks grow out, even with the intensive conditioning, but provided you’re not losing clumps at a time, this isn’t anything to worry about.

Trim regularly

As with chemically straightened hair, you’ll need to trim regularly to avoid split ends. This may seem counter-intuitive if you’re looking for long natural hair, but regular trims to remove dried and split ends can actually encourage healthy growth – so regular trims could mean you get longer hair faster.

Enjoy the journey

Achieving a natural look can deliver a major self confidence boost. It can be liberating to feel free of the necessity of repeated chemical treatments and hours spent sitting in the salon or treating your hair at home. Plus, your scalp and hair will be healthier as a result of you opting for natural hair. Give yourself time to achieve the look and style you want and remember to enjoy the journey.

Part of that journey can be wearing protective styles, particularly if you’ve looking to grow your natural hair long. Braids are many people’s first choice, as they keep the hair looking stylish even as it grows and can be used on hair of almost any length.

By following these tips and being patient (oh, so patient!) you’ll be able to achieve a superb natural look that’s all you.